Here Black Panthers first reviews: Wakanda Forever

_ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever _, the conclusion to the fourth phase of the MCU and the expected sequel, will finally reach theaters this week. In this way, the tape reviews are already available to all those who still have doubts about this tape. Did you manage to meet expectations?

Currently, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever_ has a 91% rating with 99 reviews by different critics throughout the world. Most celebrate this proposal, although there are a couple of points that could be better. This was what The Verge commented:

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever plays as the triumphal celebration of an idea, the sad farewell of a real hero and the promise of even bigger things to come, all in one.

The A.V. Club said:

In a mythology in which death is used more frequently as a narrative device than as a true measure of loss, Black Panther: Wakanda forever magnifies the truth that the world of the main character will last, even if he does not do so
For his part, Vanity Fair added:


There is much to admire here, care for crafts and details in a plane higher than other Marvel rates. Even so, some will undoubtedly miss the strict approach and energy of Black Panther. This sequel is more dispersed, a great expansion with a hole in the center.

Variety commented:

The film does not have the classic power of Black Panther’s comics, and it is easily 20 minutes too long. However, Wakanda Forever has a slow emotional suspense. Once the film begins to gain strength, it does not stop.

However, Time Magazine has a couple of problems with the tape:

Marking Cadillac is not the same as taking magic, or even just an idea, out of nowhere… The sad reality is that the show must continue, and without [Chadwick Boseman], it is more of the same. Our job is to pretend that it is enough.

It is clear that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is a good tape, but does not reach the level of the first Black Panther tape, and suffers from a couple of problems similar to those that have plagued Marvel in the fourth phase. We remind you that This film will reach cinemas on November 10, 2022 . In related issues, here you can see the new advance of the tape.