Launches: Kratos commemorates its special return

Way, first the god of battle enter the phase as well as take it for itself.

Launches in November: Barely any individual can stay clear of God of War Ragnarök

With Valkyrie Elysium , Square Enix continues a time-honored series. Instead, take an appearance at our summary.

The delay was long, the buzz allowed, and now he is ultimately there: Rates and his son ATREUS experience their next big adventure on PS4 and PS5! Whether the expectancy is justified? Well, allow us to inform us: take a look into our in-depth examination as well as anticipate the new god of battle !

Well, exists something for you? Or do you like to wait for the next Pokémon adventure that is currently making excellent shadows? Autumn continues to be exciting, and we maintain you approximately day!

Customarily, we additionally got the launches of the calendar week 44 nicely in a video clip, full of precise days and the available platforms. Enjoy watching!

Well, let us inform us: take an appearance into our comprehensive examination and also look onward to the new God of War !

With Valkyrie Elysium , Square Enix proceeds a time-honored collection.