Koreas 1st Anniversary Blue Archive, Collaboration Cafe Holding and OP

Blue Archive, developed by Nixon Games and serviced by Nixon in Korea, celebrated the first anniversary of Korea’s service. The broadcast, which was held under the name of ‘Kilotons’ 1st Anniversary Party ‘, participated in Nixon Games’ END, CIA Mindset PD, and Park Byung-soo PD, and looked back on the first anniversary of Blue Archive. It became a place to reveal.

The event is in line with the material of called ‘Academy’, in the order of ‘1st class’, ‘2nd class’, ‘lunchtime’, ‘after-school club’, and ‘school time’ to gamers It was a fun time to convey and celebrate. In particular, it was attracting attention for the first time in the first anniversary of various events and offline events and offline events.

Blue Archive will hold a collaboration café in Seoul and Susan for six weeks in collaboration with Anxious from November 10th. In this café, we will sell various goods such as drinks, foods, and figures with motifs in various materials in the game.

In addition, Blue Archive will also participate in the ‘Anime Game Festival’, which will be held on December 3 and 4.

1 class (history)

First, in commemoration of the 1st anniversary of service, Naomi (voice actor: Mira Healing I), Yuma (voice actor: Hanuka) He has expressed his feelings and thanked the users.

Subsequently, the infographic was released to look back on the footsteps of the Korean server, which celebrated its first anniversary. You can check the data on the Korean server, and you can see how many users enjoyed the game.

2 class (information)

Subsequently, Blue Archive, which celebrated its first anniversary, continued to deliver update related news. Main Story Vol3. ‘Eden Treaty Section 4′, Main Story VOL4. Introducing various stories that will be updated within the near-warm day, such as’ Carbon Not’s Rabbit ‘and the Event Story’ The Heart of Buddha ‘, and’ Mikado ‘,’ Saki ‘,’ Hijri ‘,’ Iron ‘,’ Keyed ‘,’ Tokyo The addition of new students with various charms such as’ also announced. There was also time to introduce the behind-the-scenes story in the development process of Blue Archive.

In addition, Nixon Games’ Kim Yong-ha, CIA Mindset PD, and Park Byung-soo PD appeared, and the ‘three-fold campaign’, which is specially held for the first anniversary, and ‘Cheonghwasuk’, which is provided as a gift for the 1st anniversary webpage mission. ‘The first anniversary event and compensation were also guided, including’ web pre-registration gifts that are scheduled to be carried out before the update.

Lunch hour

During lunchtime, the cast members held a special cake mustang engraved with Arena, one of the mascots of Blue Archive. In addition, Kim Yong-ha END had time to read the stories of pre-received users and communicate with users. We also conveyed various tide that I had experienced while developing Blue Archive, and had time to look at the second creations with users.

After school club


During the club time, news was released for the first time, including a collaboration café and participating in offline events. As mentioned earlier, Blue Archive will be holding a collaboration café in Seoul and Susan for six weeks in collaboration with Annie Plus from November 10th, and will be held on December 3 and 4 on December 3rd and 4th. Game Festival will participate.

School time

At the end of the broadcast, rewards were released (1,200 Cheonghuanstone, BD choice of BD, Best Technology Note, Parts options, etc.) to commemorate the first anniversary live broadcast.