How to get the pages in Destiny 2

The festival of the deceased is already here in Destiny 2. Players can wander around, killing enemies in Halloween style and getting sweets. But something else that you can get is pages of manifestation, but how exactly do you get pages of manifestation in Destiny 2?

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To get the pages shown at the festival of lost Halloween in Destiny 2, you must turn ghostly pages into the pages, filling the ghostly sectors and defeating the headless ones. This is currently the only way to get Manifested Pages. The playlist Ghost Sector is located next to Eve Levant in the tower.

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Passing the ghost sector, you will encounter call circles. All you need to do is enter the circle with your team and wait until the execution indicator begins to fill up. After filling, a headless, giant knight with luminous pumpkin heads will appear. Having killed him, you will turn one of your ghostly pages into a page shown.

The more headless you kill, the more your ghostly pages will turn into the pages shown. This means that it is always better to enter the ghostly sector with many spectral pages. You must defeat a certain number of them to call the final boss and complete the sector.

As soon as you have shown pages, you can exchange them by interacting with the book of forgotten, to the right of Eve in the tower to get well-deserved prey.

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