How to kill armored enemies in plague tale requiem

The sequel to the As hobo Studios developer puts a greater emphasis on stealthy combat and introduces some new game mechanics. That includes assigning players the task of overcoming an annoying type of enemy. Here is How to kill armored enemies in plague tale requiem If you are fighting.

Explanation of how to kill armored enemies in plague tale requiem

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Armored enemies have a brooch that you must shoot with your rock sling to break the armor of their torso, and this is the key to eliminating them. There are two types of enemies with armor: those who have a Maya will have the brooch on the back, while the enemies with armor who have shield have the brooch in the chest.

To distract an armored enemy enough time to shoot the closure, try to throw some extinctions so that they are distracted with the smoke cloud. Another distraction technique is to hit them with a tar shot (thrown or fired with the sling) that you can then turn on.

Once the torso armor has disappeared, you can kill them by shooting them with a bully bolt or setting them on fire through the same means established to kill enemies with a hull up. You can even use a knife, since they are now vulnerable.

Speaking of knives, you can even kill armored enemies while they are completely armored if you unlock the aggression linked to the identification of the weak points of armored enemies.


Basically, this makes armored enemies always vulnerable. That said, given how scarce the knives are in the game, we do not recommend leaning too much on this method.

That should give everything you need to know about How to kill armored enemies in plague tale requiem . To get more useful tips and guides on the game, look for or see some related contents listed below.

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