Genshin impact – old notes and new friends, the Genshin Impact guide.

Hidden mercenaries are the local task of Genshin Impact in the line of tasks Old Notes and New Friends. You must explore the Rock of the Eater, the lambs next to the dune of illusions, find a secret password and penetrate the secret base of the Thutmose.

how to unlock the local task Hidden Mercenaries to the Poor in Genshin Impact

To unlock this local task, you must complete the first part of the chain of tasks called Double Payware. As soon as this is done, go to the village of ARU and talk with Sahel, who will give you four local tasks, including hidden mercenaries.

How to get to the secret base of the Tut mos in Genshin Impact

Having talked with Seal, follow the marker of the quest to the cliff of the Eugene, where many hermits live. Nevertheless, you must lower the weapon… Do not attack any of the hermits . Your goal is to follow a hermit woman at a distance. Make sure that do not get caught any of the hermits.

Continue to follow the female hermit until you find yourself in the water area, where she will open the password to the secret base. Having received the code, return to the quest site to find the mechanism in front of the locked gates.

Interact with a mechanism that will offer you to choose the right password. You must choose the first option, Mary Bar Parvizravan… This will open the gate leading to the secret base of the Tut mos, and will reward you with the achievement of the Wonders of the Light. What password?

Enter the goal and go forward until you reach the intersection where you should turn left . Continue to follow the path, canned by the flowers of endurance, and you will find yourself in a room filled with gold and locked luxurious chest. The mystery is not connected with the quest, so, so far ignore it. Instead, you must rob General chest to the left of the locked chest (in the photo above) to get a record of the rock-gunner of the lamb . Bring this to Sahara to complete the local task.


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