Hellena Taylor accuses Platinum of making her an insulting offer to put his voice to Bayonetta 3 ; Kamiya responds

Recently we knew that Bayonet ta 3, whose launch will take place exclusively for Nintendo Switch on October 28, will feature Jennifer Hale’s dubbing instead of Helena Taylor. A decision that, according to the actress who already put voice to the witch of Umbra in the previous deliveries of the saga, is because herself s e ha seen obliged A A Reject an insulting offer **.


4,000 dollars, E SA It is the amount that Taylor says that she offered Platinum Games for again playing the protagonist of the game. A proposal that h not sat at all well, to the point that making it public and explaining h meant to breach the usual NDA (confidentiality agreement) in this type of ce, something for which he claims not to have any fear.

I k fans to boycott this game

Thus, Taylor h expressed himself through several shared videos on Twitter, highlighting that The Bayonet ta franchise h generated around 450 million dollars to date and that, therefore, an offer of 4,000 dollars is An insult for her. She h also wanted to claim her work, the result of a formation of seven and a half years of the Academy of Dramatic Music and Art of London and with Larry Moss in Los Angeles.

The amount of time that h led me to work in my talent, everything I have given for this game and fans… I k them to boycott it and instead of buying it, they donate that money to charity . I didn’t k too much; I just wanted a decent salary and although what they have done is legal, it is immoral, he explains, the actress, who h decided to share all this with the intention of to solidarity with people from all over the world who do not receive adequate remuneration by Your talent .

Hide Kamila goes to attack

At this point we are not going to surprise ourselves to see the way in which the Japanese creative eccentric is pronounced whenever the controversy splhes, and this time it w not going to be less: Kamila h used the words sad, deplorable And falsehood to respond to Taylor’s accusations . Thus, without more, since that is all what he can say for now, he comments on his Twitter account. Coincidentally, currently his account h been restricted temporarily for unusual activity, says the message that appears when he sees his profile.

Controversies outside, the only thing that does not admit possible debate is that Bayonet ta 3 arrives on October 28 to Nintendo Switch. In Meditation we have already played it , in this link you have our impressions.