Lineage W revisited Return, and I am confused by various changes. I asked the people on the road about delicious content

One of the real pleasures of MMORPG is the second life experience. After finishing real work and academic work, he returns home in a different world through personal computers and game consoles. Go to the usual hunting ground and interact with your usual friends. Occasionally, you will have fun encounters with new friends and challenging new content. Apart from the real this life, there is life there. Isn’t that one of the unique fun of MMORPG? Lineage W, which I was playing, is also a free MMORPG work that allows you to experience such an experience.

However, I had been taking this work since spring to attach the regime of MMO life and real life. And this time, after about half a year, I came back to the world of Lineage W. The details will be described later why I left this work and why I came back. Anyway, in this article, the author who returned to Lineage W for the first time in a long time will find out the grassroots surveyed by groping, Contents that the return and beginners should hold down and hunting grounds that are considered efficient. I hope that this article will help you not only those who are away from Lineage W as well as those who are away from Lineage W.

What is Lineage W

Lineage W is a free MMORPG for the basic play of the quota view (looking down) developed by NCS oft in Korea. In addition to hunting and enhanced equipment, you can enjoy the real pleasure of MMORPG, such as interacting with people and co-fighting. Although the game play is mainly in battle, it is possible to interact with people by belonging to a clan equivalent to party play and clan. In addition, it is equipped with a function that automates quests and monster hunting, making it easy to play with a gap time.

In addition, if you use the platform Purple provided by NCS oft, the developer, you will be able to enjoy Lineage W on a PC, and many functions such as Purple Talk, which allows you to check in-game chat with mobile apps. Is available. In addition, this work and Purple Talk also have a real-time AI (artificial intelligence) translation function that allows conversations with overseas players with different languages to be possible. Of course, mobile and PC share character data and servers, so you can use different devices and enjoy global exchange and hunting for a short time.

Why did I leave Lineage W and now dancing?

I wrote in our magazine before using the chat function of Lineage W and Purple to interact with overseas friends only in Japanese (related articles). And although it was a personal matter, I later became an editor from our magazine Automaton writer. The early story was not MMORPG due to sudden changes in environmental changes. I told my friends in Taiwan, saying I’m busy, and said goodbye, and decided to do my best to live as an editor.

Meanwhile, this time, I consulted about Lineage W in the department saying, I would like you to check what kind of content is currently trendy as a return. I had always wanted to go back to the world of this work if I could afford it, so it was just a good timing. That’s why I was confused by the addition of content and changing environment.

Return first is regret, but joy

When I came back to the Aden continent, the stage of Lineage W, I greeted me for the first time in about six months. At the same hunting ground as six months ago, the knight standing with the state of the time after playing, seemed lonely. At the same time, the introduction of the current event was introduced.

Originally, this work has multiple special events in one to two weeks, in some cases, in some cases. There are various contents, such as clearing special quests and hitting bosses for a limited time together. And the reward is quite delicious. So, looking back on the history of this work for a limited time, I regretted that I should have played a little little by little.

Another upset was the change of the hunting ground. This is because the hunting grounds, which were always crowded and struggled because monsters could not hunt, were completely easier to hunt. This is probably because some players have already moved to the top hunting grounds, and that the number of servers and the number of servers have increased the population due to the number of servers. In other words, if you have a bottleneck due to the congestion of the hunting ground, it is likely that you will be able to hunt quite comfortably when you return. However, this may be limited to the server that I play. The information around here is also accumulated in the official Discord (, so please refer to it. In any case, the situation where many enemies and many enemies grew quite a bit of returning play.

However, the main subject this time is a survey of delicious content that is now a trend. First, I thought I would ask my clan’s friends… but as mentioned above, I remember that I had broken for Regime of Life. Then there is only one method. You’ll have to ask a strong player on the way for the time being. If you make full use of the web search or the official website, you will definitely get recommended content information for this work. Nevertheless, I wanted to hear the voices of raw players, the local people of the Aden continent. And because of the loneliness of just returning, I wanted to contact someone anyway.

That’s why I talk to the people on the road. He apologized for the non-speaking non-speech, and asked about recommended content for the return and the content that is delicious/liked by rewards. Utilizing the automatic translation function of Lineage W, it is a question in Japanese. In fact, I have succeeded in getting kind advice to people walking on the Aden continent as well as beginners, and this time we can get raw advice from users. Rice field.

This is the holding down content is Dungeon 2nd place in attendance / postal

First, the content that the players wanted to hold down and hold down was the attendance reward. It is a so-called login bonus. Although it seems to be a bit of a shoulder, the login bonus of this work is often elaborate according to that time. You also want to receive a postal reward that reaches the player at a fixed time every day. These rewards can be received by just checking for a moment, and they can be gorgeous at a stretch during the milest1. That is probably the reason for the support of the players. In addition, the remuneration distribution that can be done regularly is a good content for enjoying MMORPG as part of life.

Next, the many contents is dungeon. In this case, there were many opinions that the dungeon that can be fixed every day and time in time is delicious, not the usual dungeon that is usually inserted from the map. Above all, about the Yumenoshima, it seems that the level 30 cars and the higher-level band users are going. In addition, the dungeon has four attributes: fire, water, wind, and ground, and it seems that there were many favorite users in the range of opinions this time. When I asked the reason, I was told that the scroll of weapon/armor enhancement will fall. However, there were various theories about which dungeon was delicious.

In addition, subjugation of Party Boss Monster and World Boss Monster is necessary to enter the steady event dungeon secret black battleship or distorted underground prison. There were voices saying that they could not be removed because they could get drop items such as. (By the way, secret black battleships and distorted underground prison are both experience and Arena in a short time, so it is better to enter every day.) In addition, the limited-time event dungeon seems to be popular. Is. Many of these have very good experience efficiency, and the place where players can earn will be increasing.

Check out the too delicious event without 1 or 2

And Director’s Talk and Studio W were named as too delicious events so that they surpass the above content. That said, this is not the content to play in the game. This is an official live broadcast program that the development team talks about the future large updates of Lineage W. This live broadcast program was held five times in the past, and all the ridiculous quantities and quality distribution items were served. I have experienced rare items that have been posted on the entire server in the first distribution of Director’s Talk. Although the future of Director’s Talk and Studio W is uncertain, it is a good idea to play regularly at your own pace every day so that you do not miss the opportunity to behave in a large stage.

The above is the top of the popular content, asking the players of this work. In addition, I am currently level 46 (although it was level 43 at the time of returning, but it rose at a stretch due to the event), so I answered according to the level band, but I also asked about the efficient hunting grounds. Many respondents said, I should digest the quest and dive into the Radio Dungeon. If it is a deep depth, it is said that even players with level 50 or higher are more efficient, while such levels will also appear in the ant nest and dragon valley area. Also, at level 50, Aden’s main story will be released, and the discarded person’s land dungeon will be released, so these will be added to the content that requires play. 。

In summary, it seems that the basic game play is to receive attendance and mail, go to event dungeons and bosses, and to look at official live broadcasts while doing events. It seems that both beginners and advanced users are almost the same. In addition, such a series of daily routine gameplay does not take that much time on the system of this work that is enhanced. Both beginners and returnees do not need to catch up with the game, especially in the game, just play a little time. In addition, there are other congestion in the hunting grounds as described above and the addition of hunting content. I felt that this time I was able to play Lineage W more easily than before returning.

By the way, if the transformation/magic doll card was synthesized over and over again, if there was a hero class or a legendary card, and if there was a player who broke and left, it would be better to log in. 。 This is because the synthetic point system (so-called ceiling system) is now introduced in Lineage W, so that when the number of failures is accumulated a certain number of times, the number of failures is accumulated a certain number of times. Because it is.

In addition, this survey is not an official questionnaire, but the writer who wants to know the delicious content to some users will be asked by some users. If the official survey is officially investigated, more different trends and opinions may come out. Also, if you look at this article and think, This content is also delicious! I would like to refer to it.

Lineage W is being distributed to PCs from Android/iOS and Purple. Currently, this work is held as an event where you can get a lot of experience, and the story event A Certain Magician’s Record is being held (scheduled to be held before the regular maintenance on Wednesday, October 19, 2022).

In addition, this work will be one year on November 4, but it is likely that various updates and many events will be held. If you are a little worried about reading this article, why not resume play at this delicious timing?