Where to get Chaos Storage, Chaos Module and Chaos Bolt in Genshin Impact

One of Genshin Impact’s final objectives is to improve your characters, from levels to equipment. Not only your character and the members of your group can level up, but also your weapons. However, it needs special materials, and leveling beyond the limit, called ascension, requires special materials, such as chaos related materials. This is where to get Chaos Storage, Chaos Mode and Chaos Bolt in Genshin Impact.


Image Source: Genshin Impact Wiki

To get Chaos Storage, Chaos Module and Chaos Bolt, you must defeat Ruin Drakes in Genshin Impact. They come in two ways, excluding the boss (who does not release any object related to chaos): Sky watch and Earth guards.

Which of the three articles related to the chaos that you earn depends on the level of Ruin Drake that defeats:

  • Chaos Storage falls from Ruin Drakes of any level and type
  • The modules’ chaos can be looted by Ruin Drakes Level 40 and Superior

* Finally, only the Level 60 and Superior Drakes chaos will throw Chaos Bolts

Where are the Draco’s de la Rooney Genshin Impact

Image source: Loyola/East interactive map

Finding Ruin Drakes can be quite difficult in Genshin Impact, much less fighting 1. Only a few appear in a given area, and once one is defeated, you will not be able to return and kill him for 24 hours. More importantly, you can’t find Ruin Drakes until you have reached Summer.

Once you have completed chapter 2: Act 4, Requiem’s requiem, and you have reached adventure range 35, you can transport you there using the tunnel in Cinnabar Cliff. With the map above, you can travel to the locations marked to find Ruin Drakes.

There you have it: where to get Chaos Storage, Chaos Module and Chaos Bolt in Genshin Impact. It is quite simple but difficult in practice because the Ruin Drakes are some of the hardest enemies of the game. Telling more in Gen shin Impacting the Missions Guide Children of Vicar Village, then learn what to do with Pedro Vigils.

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