APEX Legends Fight or Fright event – cosmetics, temporary modes and much more

The annual event of the Apex Legends Fight or Fright returns in October and includes new cosmetic objects, rotation of limited modes and rotation of stores within a month. Every week during the event, players will be able to move to a new temporary time and purchase exclusive cosmetic objects, including sets and returning skins.

schedule apex legends Fight or Fright and start date

The event Fight or be afraid starts on October 4, 2022 and will pass through November 1, 2022 . Every week, LTM and the rotation of stores will change, giving the players a short window to get any cosmetics and play in LTM, which they like.

Unfortunately, it seems that the tests are not a way to earn cosmetics during this event. Nevertheless, the skins of events move to the Legends skins tab, where some of them will be available for purchase, so Fight or fright 2022 skins may return to the future.

Temporary modes Apex Legends Fate or be afraid

A new LTM will be available every week. LTM includes the classic Halloween mode. Royal Shadow Recently presented Running with weapons and updated control mode . Here is the LTM schedule:

October 4-October 11 *: Shadow Royale on Olympus after the onset of dark
October 11-October 18 : Gun Run in Estates after Dark, Skull town and Fragment East
October 18-October 25 : Management of a lava siphon, barometer and laboratories after dark.
* October 25-November 1 : Shadow Royale on Olympus after the onset of dark

The rotation of the store is the same as the schedule of the temporary mode, so check what cosmetic objects are produced every week during the event Fight or be afraid.

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