Unknown clown self -finding Hug venture, drop -shic switch launch

On the 30th, Divot Buddy Hair announced that it has launched the Indie Game Drops, which was published by the company and developed by independent developer J. Stolen.

In 2015, Drops, released on a PC, is a unique retro graphic open world game that explores the world filled with various characters and grim stories. Instead of leading gamers to a big narrative, the system allows you to proceed with puzzles and stories through free adventures.

Hug+Adventure Game Drop, which is carried out by Point & Click, begins with a clown ‘Drop Si’, where the circus is traveling to know his name after the circus is burned. The game depicts the journey of the clown to meet various characters through emoticons-based communication, and to overcome evil, be loved, and find self with the help of soft hugs and animal friends.

Drops can be seen in Korean with the launch, but as it is a nonverbal game, it can be played regardless of language.

Meanwhile, Drops released a new update with the launch of the switch. Both PCs and switches will be able to solve the existing quests and hug puzzles.