All 73 arrangements of dairy molars in Grounded

Dairy prayers are collectible objects in Grounded, which allow players to improve their main characteristics, such as health, endurance and healing. As the name implies, the subject of collecting has the shape of a root tooth and is scattered throughout the map. So, if you are the one who wants to collect all the 73 dairy moths in Grounded, you can start with the search Juice Box in the attraction of the hedge boom and view other directions from this list.

All dairy areas in grounding

  1. Under a large green can soda

  1. On the edge of the pond near a large cliff
  2. Inside the cave adjacent to the laboratory of a large oak.
  3. The sleeping place of the spider-wolf under the sheet
  4. On the shore of a small pond with water
  5. Inside the red anthill
  6. In a small radioactive zone

8. In a small underground radioactive zone
9. On the slope of a large rocky landscape next to the point of appearance of wolf spiders.
10. In the middle part of the underground cave, in which the spider-wolf lives.
11. In the upper part of the large power cord/fork
12. On the upper part of a large box of juice in the Hedge Biome area.
13. Near a wooden fence in a small failure
14. At the top of the pipes next to Hedge Lab.
15. In a small tunnel locked between a web in the hedge biome.
16. Near the rocky area surrounding the pond
17. Inside the pond, between some weeds
18. Inside the third compartment of laboratories under the pond
19. Inside a small cave under the water of the pond
20. Near the wolf web
21. Inside the yellow box for trays on the edge of the picnic table.
22. For a sandy pit near large red pots
23. At the top of a small sandy tower in a playground with a sandbox
24. Inside the chest, which opens with a key from the molten ditch.
25. Behind the box for toys
26. Inside the black anthill, near the middle sector of the hill
27. Inside the black anthill at the end of the hill
28. At the top of the garbage tank, inside the blue cup
29. Inside a plastic container/cans under a picnic table
30. Between several stone pebbles in the upper courtyard
31. Inside a broken white pipe near a ravine
32. Inside the dirty parts of the ravine
33. Under a blue tarp in wooden stilts
34. In the internal parts of the termite
35. Under the rise to the upper courtyard between the mud crack
36. Inside a small cave, in which there are many God’s cows, south of the fallen bicycle.
37. Inside the same cave as in 36, but with another entrance from the south.
38. Inside a pot with a plant next to a fallen bicycle
39. Under a large yellow-brown leaf lying against the wall
40. Inside the red box for tools
41. At a small ravine at the entrance to the castle fashionable player
42. Next to a small straw in which two beetles-black bulls live
43. On the upper berry trunk
44. Inside the staircase compartment
45. Set Five Milk Root teeth at the end of a small cave under a blue cap/cover
46. Inside a small cave in the upper courtyard of the map. Use an orange ball to roll and get root teeth.
47. Inside, similar to the hole, the structure under the rock. Examine the stones to find root teeth
48. Exclaim the cracked stone to open the cave in which the lair of the Black Widow is located. Dairy Round Tooth can be found in a small corner of the cave.
49. Two dairy molars inside a flooded chest, under the rim of the tire.
50. Under a small crack in the ground, you can find a large beetle wandering around the neighborhood.
51. Inside the fire anthill
52. At the top of the wheelbarrow
53. In the trunk of a fallen tree
54. Outside the laboratory post on the stump
55. On the slope of the cliff next to the laboratory of stumps
56. One of the upper steps of the stairs
57. On the pedal of a pink bicycle
58. At the top of the Monroe Latest castle
59. Next to the laboratory under the castle of Monroe Latest.
60. Under the laboratory under a canopy, go through the door, and there will be a milk indigenous tooth on a wooden ledge.
61. Spraying into the gorge under a canopy
62. Near the wooden board adjacent to the stone
63. Under the laboratory under a canopy, at the edge of a wooden board.
64. On the upper parts of wooden ledges under the Under shed laboratory
65. On the edge of the tire circumference
66. On the middle step of the stairs
67. On a small stone ledge above the pond
68. At the top of the root inside the stump outpost

Remember that some markers may differ slightly from the actual location due to the scale of the image. So, try to explore all nearby landmarks from the prescribed to get this particular molar.

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