Superhot, Injustice 2 and Hot Wheels Unleashed are the October Games of PlaySntion Essential

This time without anyone (well, more or less), Sony has announced the games that will join PlayStation Plus Essential , now the little one of the Japanese brand subscriptions. Of course, they can also be downloaded with the extra and premium tiers from Tuesday, October 4 and only until the 31st of the same month, quite before usual. The games, you have already seen, are Hot Wheels Unleashed , Injustice 2 and Super hot .

Hot Wheels Unleashed will be the game that reaches PlayStation 5 As always happens with some month, although in this case its version for PS4 will also be available. The racing game developed by Milestone will allow us to compete on miniature clues with the possibility of collecting and building circuits and cars to customize the experience to our liking.

Injustice 2 , for PlayStation 4, is the last installment of this series by Nether realm Studios, those responsible for the latest Titles of Mortal Kombat with Ed Boon, creator of the saga, at the head. In this fighting game in collaboration with Warner Bros. Games we can experience a story of enmity between Batman and Superman with a great cast of DC characters.


The last one on the list is Super hot , also on PS4, this first-person shooting game designed by Piotr Panicky. The particularity of this minimalist shorter is that time will only pass while we move, which will turn each level into an intense puzzle in which we will die with any impact.

They also remind us that the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium Games Catalog will be announced at the end of this month.

Do not forget that September games are still available, Need for Speed Heat , Them and Granule Fantasy versus , which can be stored in the library until October 4.