Koei Techmos 35th anniversary of the 35th anniversary of the Three Kingdoms Pado, the release on October 20

KDKA Games announced that it will officially introduce the 35th anniversary of the 35th anniversary of Goa Three Kingdoms, which was developed by Goa Techno on October 20.


The 35th anniversary of Goa Techno, the 35th anniversary of the Three Kingdoms, is a Three Kingdoms game created in the spirit of game development craftsmanship. You can enjoy high quality game performance and cheerful battle pleasure anytime and anywhere.

Strategies such as handicrafts, chemicals, surprise attacks, large-scale teams, and simultaneous siege are unfolded in real time in real time on a large battlefield, and you can enjoy the end of cheerfulness while playing real-time warfare. In the case of a dual siege, it is a fast-paced process that can occupy one castle in 15 minutes, so anyone can enjoy the siege war, the flower of the Three Kingdoms.

Three Kingdoms Pad, which proved to be an SLG expectation by achieving 200,000 pre-bookers within a week after the pre-booking opening, will continue to make a pre-booking before the launch. In addition to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, the one store and Samsung Store have also started pre-booking.

Even if you participate in the pre-booking, you will be given an in-game item, and will hold a lottery event that offers PS5, Samsung Galaxy Buzz 2, Google Gift Card, and Starbucks Gift Card. Pre-booking participants are automatically submitted. In addition, when achieving pre-booking goals, all users will be given to all users of the maximum SSR rating, 110 drawing, and abundant in-game items, and will provide Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Watch 4 through a lottery follower and official café subscribers. To be.

In addition to the pre-booking event, “ Three Kingdoms Waldo ” began the server name contest voting event in the official community. For more information on the Three Kingdoms Passion and Pre-booking, the official community can be found.