LOL – Worlds 2022: Two Fnatic players will miss the first World Cup matches

After securing his position in the Words 2022 with a double ration of epic, everything indicates that Fanatic will not be able to play their first World Cup matches in the conditions that everyone would expect. The club has announced through an official statement in its social networks that both Upset and Hissing have tested positive in COVID-19 . In this way, the trip to Mexico of both players to play the play-in has been delayed indefinitely while the club works with Riot Games to do absolutely everything possible to make sure that the team arrives with plenty to the celebration of his first game on September 29.


Fanatic is left without luck for the world championship

The news has sat like a jug of cold water at fans, who expected the tournament to be disputed normally after extra-sports for force majeure already motivated the absence of Upset in last year’s edition. However, it seems that Fanatic is not having too much luck when it comes to the Worlds . Keep in mind that play-in clashes begin in just five days and are resolved in ‘express’ format. In fact, an absence of their players on the first day would already make them lose twelve clashes, with all the advantage that this entails.

Until now, the club has not made public the way in which they will solve the problem, although everything points to the signing of temporary substitutes . Whether of their academy set or other European teams that have not been classified to the 2022 Worlds. In previous editions of the World Cup in which some players lost the tournament for force majeure, this decision was already adopted. For example, Bean played the World Cup with FANATIC in its 2021 edition and Doggo played an MSI with PSG heel despite being part of Beyond Gaming.

This year’s play-in will be particularly complicated . To the usual surprises offered by the sets belonging to the small leagues, the presence of more teams belonging to the large regions than ever is added. In fact, it is guaranteed that one of the sets belonging to LCK, LPL, LEC or LCS will not be able to reach the final phase of the 2022 Worlds. Those who fall into burning.