The huge GTA 6-Leak reveals the first enigmas and activities of Vice City

What can be seen in the video clips? Zack Wezen is a reporter at Kodak and also has completely spotted the remarkable hill of video clip product. In its summary, we learn which well-known as well as brand-new functions await us in GTA 6 and what alligators involve it.

Spoiler caution: The leak exposes small as well as huge information concerning gta 6. Don’t review any further if you desire to enjoy the video game without any prior understanding.

Since a massive leakage of video clip product for GTA 6 flowed via the Internet, Superstar did not have it very easy last week. The company mentioned that the development of GTA 6 was not at risk, however they still have to fight with the cyberpunks’ needs.

GTA 6 with strip clubs, wild pets and air pillow boats

The video clip material can not share Wezen itself, yet it provides a great summary of what he saw in the 90 videos. He can even verify some reports that existed ahead of time: So we understand that it goes back to Vice City. We can discover big citizens, smaller rural regions and also swamps.


We additionally understand much more concerning the protagonist couple. The two people are called Jason as well as Lucia as well as have a partnership similar to Bonnie as well as Clyde.

In our Gamer summary of GTA 6 we have already occupied this as well as other information regarding the video game:

It goes insane again: Obviously there need to be random events that are spontaneously activated.

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We can additionally pursue lots of activities in GTA 6. In the globe of GTA 6, nevertheless, not several activities are waiting for us, however also all kinds of animals. There were wild pets in previous GTA titles, but in GTA 6 they ought to appear in a lot greater number.

Wezen also discusses that these points can still change till the full launch. We have not yet recognized when GTA 6 will certainly show up, but we assume a launch after 2023.

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Worldwide of GTA 6, however, very few activities are waiting for us, however also all kinds of pets. On our travels, as an example, wild boars, alligators, raccoons and pets will certainly encounter. There were wild animals in previous GTA titles, yet in GTA 6 they must show up in much greater number.

It goes crazy once more: Evidently there need to be random occasions that are automatically activated. A haunted house, a sex robotic, a spiritual journey, a creepy voice in the drainpipe pipe as well as a lot more awaits us. Mysterious events such as a UFO watching need to also belong.

Which GTA 6 function are you most anticipating? .

In its summary, we discover which widely known as well as brand-new functions await us in GTA 6 and what alligators have to do with it.


GTA 6: Reports as well as Leakages for Release, Setup, Map & Co.

full-filled Vice City with mysteries.

We can likewise seek numerous tasks in GTA 6. In order to help with expedition with the swamps, it is likewise feasible to jet via the damp locations by air padding.