Added pet AFK Arena, Witcher 3 collaboration notice

Lilith Games announced on the 20th that it will update the pet system of its neglected RPG AFK Arena.

The AFK Arena has added a pet to play an assistant role as a new strategy of the party. Like heroes, you can foster pet properties or level up, and each pet has basic attributes, buffs and skills. The pet, which will diversify the party combination and raise fun, can join the party to increase combat power, provide buffs to the same attribute hero, and use damage directly to the enemy.

In addition to the addition of the pet system, he announced a collaboration update with the action RPG “ The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (hereinafter referred to as Witcher) ”. Witcher’s two main characters, Gerald and Jenifer, will join the hero in the game, and will show their skill experience after the 13th update.

Release Games said, We have updated the pet system to boost the fun of the AFK Arena. We hope you will feel the fun of the combination and strategy that will be more colorful than now, and preparing for impressive collaboration with Witcher 3: Wild Hunt I ask for your interest and support.