PlayStation VR2: New information on downward compatibility announced

When asked whether we are allowed to play games that were developed for the initial PlayStation VR, likewise on the PSVR 2, there is now an official solution during the PS podcast.


This originates from Sony’s Senior Vice President of Platform Experience, Idea Fishing, personally and also ought to not be pleased every PlayStation virtual reality fan. The PSVR games are incompatible with the PSVR 2. One reason for this given straight.

PlayStation VR 2 should deliver true future generation experience

The PSVR 2 is developed to give a true following generation experience, Fishing describes the factor for the lack of downward compatibility in the course of the PlayStation podcast (from min 29:10). We can not appreciate the initial PSVR games without detours with the PlayStation VR 2.

Most of all, the heavily revised equipment needs to be the factor behind the choice not to bring the old PSVR titles to PSVR 2. The systems vary as well much, explains Fishing. To name a few things, the completely new controllers with haptic comments and also flexible triggers, the inside-out tracking, integrated eye monitoring in addition to 3D audio and HDR resolution are among the fresh attributes of the adhering to version.

Every one of this represents an entirely new method of the PSVR 2, the very first virtual reality glasses from PlayStation still dealt with a video camera set up in front of the television and also the input of a conventional dual stool controller or using the internal step sticks. These differ considerably from the formerly mentioned haptic controllers of the 2nd generation.

expect the PSVR 1 title

The PSVR games are inappropriate with the PSVR 2. Above all, the greatly changed hardware needs to be the factor behind the decision not to bring the old PSVR titles to PSVR 2. With our unique for PSVR 2, we provide you a deep understanding that awaits you with the second generation.

In addition, all owners of the old virtual reality glasses can ask for a complimentary adapter for the PlayStation with which you can attach the PS4 electronic camera and the corresponding headset to the PlayStation 5. With our unique for PSVR 2, we give you a deep insight that awaits you with the 2nd generation. In enhancement, Homeowner Evil Town and No Guy’s Skies were revealed a few months ago, genuine blockbusters for PSVR 2.

There is still a twinkle of hope for followers of the initial VR games for the PlayStation: According to the popular YouTube network PSVR Without Parole, a huge number of designers are presently working on PSVR 2 versions of their PSVR 1 title. These might obtain to the gaming consoles by means of ports and also spots.