iPhone 14 Begin: Tarif

Pre-order from September 9th: iPhone 14, Pro and also Pro Max

On 07.09.2022 the moment had finally come: Apple offered its brand-new models. This year, even after a two-year break, finally on site again and not simply purely electronic. However, all Apple fans were able to adhere to the keynote live through YouTube and also Co. Along with the new iPhone 14 designs, the brand-new AirPods as well as the Apple Watch, gone along with by a big event, were obviously also offered. So it never ever gets dull with a keynote of the team.

The new iPhone 14 normally becomes a highlight. Because loyal Apple buddies are of program excited to see what changes and also innovations are offered. We do not desire to hold back some selected innovations from you:


New A16 chip: It should make certain more power and therefore longer battery life and much better images.

In enhancement to the brand-new iPhone 14 versions, the brand-new AirPods as well as the Apple Watch, come with by a large event, were of training course likewise offered. The new iPhone 14 naturally arises as a highlight. Of course there are other renovations and also a larger MP camera for the iPhone Pro and Pro Max.

New camera system: Certainly, the video cameras were additionally enhanced. A 12 MP camera, a larger sensing unit as well as sensor Shift iPhone need to make sure the best pictures for every single light ratio. Obviously there are other improvements as well as a larger MP electronic camera for the iPhone Pro as well as Pro Max.

In the tiniest as well as the simplest variation, the iPhone 14 already costs 999 euros, for the iPhone Max Apple fans even have to place a massive 2,099 euros. The beginning of sales at the iPhone 14 is 16.09.2022.

Delivery of emergency situation messages directly through satellite: Important if individuals remain in threat of where there is no smartphone reception. The link so much stays a technical obstacle, because the smart device had to be aligned directly on the (not visible) satellites. Apple stressed that again in his keynote.

Always on display screen: The screen is not totally black, but the most important notices can be seen, for instance, on the lock screen any time.

In the tiniest and also most basic version, the iPhone 14 already sets you back 999 euros, for the iPhone Max Apple fans also have to place a whopping 2,099 euros.