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The Last of United States Part 1: Alle Safe

Tiny idea: The game permits you to open up the secure without having actually found the codes in advance. So theoretically you can go straight to the safe and also open them from the guide with the combinations.

Note: The areas and also mixes are final, however we have partially installed photos from the original The Last people. We will upgrade the overview with screenshots from the remake.

You wish to know where you are in the video game? Right here all chapters of The Last people Part 1 are at a glance.

In the Last of United States Part 1, you stumble upon a total of four safe throughout the journey, every one of which have useful loot. Nevertheless, you need particular risk-free combinations. Our guide reveals you precisely where you can find the codes and connected risk-free.

the outskirts/the borders


Place: Combination Location: Safe

Place of the Safe combination: In the big area with seats and stores, in which Joel needs to sneak past some remote controls, you will certainly discover a store. Enter it, leap behind the till and also open a drawer. In it you will certainly find the secure combination.


Safe mix: 3-43-78

Discover of the risk-free: You can locate the safe in the other store, near an infected.

Costs Stadt/Bill’s Community


Area: Combination Location: Safe

Area of the Safe combination: merely goes down the major street completely. At the end of the street, the note sticks to an obstacle under the indicator You will certainly be fired.


Safe mix: 5-17-21

Find of the Safe combination: Get hold of the ladder in the hotel as well as go to the top floor. As quickly as you transform ideal (you can get past a collapsed chandelier)) you should find a damaged stairs. Scrambles up there to reach the opposite. There you will certainly discover the combination.

Location of the Safe combination: In the large area with seats and also stores, in which Joel has to creep past some clickers, you will certainly find a store. In it you will certainly find the safe mix.

Location of the Safe mix: After escaping from the sewage system, you will certainly locate yourself in an abandoned suburb. There you can forage all kind of houses and look for important objects. The risk-free combination can be located on the 3rd flooring of the last residence in your area, near an ice lotion truck.

Find of the secure: |* jumps back right into the swamped lobby. Go to the check-in button, there is an additional area in which the secure is situated.



Safe combination: 22-10-56.

Locate of the safe: On the main street near a pizzeria you will certainly find the secure.

the suburbs/suburbs.


You can review here how long you require for the Tlou remake as well as the DLC Left consisted of in it.


Pittsburgh (hotel).

Place: Mix Area: Safe.

Safe combination: 8-21-36.

Location: Mix Area: Safe.


Discover of the safe: The risk-free remains in the exact same house, extra exactly on the 2nd floor (in the bedroom).

Find of the Safe combination: Get the ladder in the resort as well as go to the top flooring. Area of the Safe mix: After leaving from the sewer system, you will certainly discover on your own in a deserted residential area. The risk-free combination can be found on the third flooring of the last home in the area, near an ice lotion truck.