ARPG ‘Torch Light: Infinite’, global CBT starts

XD.INC (hereinafter referred to as XD) announced on the 5th that its new ARPG ‘Torch Wright: Infinite’, which was developed by the company, will start global CBT (Closed Beta TSET).

‘Torch Wright: Infinite’ will hold CBT for global users for two weeks until 11 am on the 19th. The Torch Wright: Infinite, which has been tested for two beta, will expand the number of participating users to verify more diverse in this CBT and to receive many opinions.

If you are an Android device user, you can participate through the Google Play Store and Tap tab if you want to participate in CBT, and you can also participate in the PC version through the website. In this CBT version, stages, systems, and heroes will be upgraded, allowing you to enjoy richer content.

In the stage, we added Story Stage Prologue, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 to help users experience the game more deeply. The user can enjoy fierce battle against the evil dragon all-day, the king of Ryan Hearts, the Queen of the Sun, and the Surrey Reversal Ice Hell Whirlwind.

The system adds invasion content. In this stage, the user can be given a buff effect through various cards, which allows users to trigger special events on the stage or to obtain additional drop items. In addition, the new map content, the goddess of hunting and the god of machine, can be challenged by trials, or by using the newly added ‘Pile System’ to test their damage output and fight with the enemy with a strong armed state. have.

In addition, the CBT version has strengthened the basic mechanisms of combat such as continuous damage, status damage, and indirect damage. Any user participating in CBT can experience excellent combat and balanced world.

‘Torch Wright: Infinite’ is ‘Nucle and Slash Farming Action RPG-Based ARPG’ developed as an Unreal 4 engine by acquiring the official ‘Torch Light’ IP license. 200 years from Torch Wright 2, one of the Torch Wright team members can be enjoyed in various ways to prevent various disasters. The game name ‘Torch Wright: Infinite’ means that you can enjoy infinite play through rich equipment and skills, not boring limitations or set game methods.

In this CBT, you can experience all five heroes, 24 talent trees and more than 240 skills. The user can select a hero that suits his play style to open the talent board to complete the skill tree with his own personality and style. All active skills can be used in connection with five auxiliary skills, so it is more fun.

Torch Wright: Infinite’s talent system offers infinite fun based on the diversity of guide, gradual and strategy, three principles of development. The tag specified on the talent board is responsible for the growth direction, and the talent that grows and develops with the character is gradual, and the meaning of all users’ choice, such as strengthening the skill or changing the combat style completely. The diversity of the strategy that is granted is the core of the game.


The user can study the talent unions that only they use and find the cool and fast battles by using the skills in infinity without cooldown. From the beginning of the game, you can clear the stage cool, and it is a high-quality item that is dropped in a series of in-game, so it is easy to level up, so anyone can easily enjoy the game’s true fun and achievement.

For more information about the pre-booking and game of Torch Wright: Infinite, you can find out on the official website, Discord Channel and Tap Tap channel.