Monster hunter rise

[Picture diary of Teru Kazu Yoshida] The horror hunting SKINWALKER HUNT, which hits the mystery in the darkness, is likely to be hunted.

What kind of role would you like if you appear in a horror movie?

I think the first witness of the mystery is good, thinking first to survive! Then, after telling the protagonists the fear of the mystery, move in Sokko. Because there are cases where you get caught when you are jerky.

This time, it is a horror hunting game for PC Skinwalker Hunt Skinwalker Hunt Skinwalker Hunt.

As the genre of horror hunting games, the hunting target of this work is rather than a wild animal… is a legendary terrible creature!

Maybe I can be hunted by that guy…

You are a native American monster hunter!

The protagonist is a native American monster hunter. He is pursuing a legendary monster called a skinwalker.

There are four types of maps, but only the American Long Wind Valley can be selected. Other maps will be released as the game progresses. I chose normal from the difficulty of Easy Normal Hard.

In the Long Wind Valley, it seems that a corpse of the cut tourist was discovered a few weeks ago. It seems that it was very similar to the signs of the legendary being Skin Walker. It is said that the in trouble land owner hired a monster hunter hero.

First, check the equipment. The only weapon is hunter rifle and ax.

As a chatter, I wanted you to prepare a rocket launcher and grenade , but I can’t say luxury.

is an enemy! ?

No, just a deer… Don’t be surprised at the equipment check.

In this valley, in addition to skinwalkers, wildlife such as deer appears. It seems that the meat can be peeled off after hunting, but I do not want to kill anyone other than those who are hostile to save ammunition. Return to the forest… I’ve been charged, this guy!

Apparently, wild animals are under the influence of skinwalkers, and they attack when they see them.

I managed to turn it back using a smoke tube that wild animals dislike!

But my physical strength has been cut off from the beginning… It’s a bad start.

The area is full of dense trees and grass, and it is not known when wild animals will pop out of the gaps in the trees. Let’s proceed while being alert.

Or rather, if the wild animals are so scared, when the important skinwalker appears, my heart may stop too much.

As I got off the mountain, I found a campsite. But there is no sign of people.

Maybe it’s a tourist who is said to have been killed by a skinwalker a few weeks ago.

I found the abandoned pack meat. I was worried that it would have been left raw meat… but it seems that there is no system that rotates food, so it is safe.

Raw meat can be used as a food recovery item by cooking on a bonfire.

I want to eat meat and recover even in reality… When you’re a waist.

Use of hunter tototem is planned…

I’ve been wandering in the dark forest all the time, so I don’t want to be grateful for the light of the bonfire. **

Yes, let’s go here. If you decide, it will be installed in hunter tototem .

Hunter Totem is an item installed (within 200m) that detects skin walkers. In addition, it plays the role of savepoints.

Since there are only four hunter tootems, it seems better to install it widely so that the detection range does not suffer.

I thought so…

In this dark forest, when I thought when the skinwalker would attack, I wasn’t worried, and every time I walked, I set up a hunter tootem and repeated the save.

I am a hunter who is originally a hunter, but now I have fallen into the psychology of the hunting side.

Although the valuable hunter tootem has been used, I found an item that increases the maximum physical strength.

In addition, I found a shotgun from the camper that had been abandoned. Even if it is not a rocket launcher, it will be a weapon that can be quite advantageous in close combat.

The time has come, probably because I said that wildlife and skin walker are coming! ! **

It’s a deer who is in the distance… No, the one that comes here with a bipedal walking is… maybe a skinwalker! ?

I came with a normal tokotoko! It doesn’t run at high speeds like horror or warp.

I shot with a hunter rifle and reduced my physical strength considerably. The remaining half!

The time to reload is wasteful! Hit the ax and finish!

I did it! I won the skin walker!

…… Eh… different…?

This is not a skinwalker, but a boss called a worshiper. Such…

Hunting or hunting… It’s a patience game with safety points!

Defeat the worshiper and got abilities.

Among the two abilities presented, I chose a tracker that makes it easier to detect skinwalkers.

Now you can see the position of the skinwalker! If the tension is rising, the telop skin walker is detected !

is early and early, let me prepare a little more…

is in front of you!

As soon as I switched the ability screen, the skin walker attacked!

My physical strength was cut to the last minute, but I managed to give a blow.

I was prepared to be over the game as it was, but apparently the skinwalker had a habit of withdrawing when I hit a blow, and fled with Stakora.

Thanks to that habit, if you find it first, you can attack without being damaged.

There is no time limit, so let’s take a long-term endurance battle.

The entrance of the camper is a great place. If you are in the car, you don’t have to worry about being attacked from behind, and you only need to watch it just before.

And if you set up a heap of meat and traps to lure the skin walker, it’s here.

The uncle appears and hides, saying, Are you here? Isn’t it scary?

It’s a palliative play, but it should be an effective strategy for skinwalkers!

In this case, the rest is a patience. Now it would be nice to come with raw meat.

The palliative operation worked and hunted down the skinwalker to the point where he died. On the other hand, this physical strength is full and ammunition is abundant.

I wonder if it’s time to fight back.

A uncle riding in good shape as soon as it becomes dominant.

The map of the long wind valley took about 3 hours to clear the first time. I have changed the map and difficulty for more than 15 hours.

At the beginning, I was searching only for the light of the light in the darkness of the darkness, but rather a hunting side. Then, if you strengthen the player character with items and abilities, and understand the hunting around, you will reversed to the hunting side. Then it will suddenly become interesting!

The story of this work is rarely said in Steam’s official introduction, This game is not a story-oriented game. The main is the game experience that makes you feel nervous about hunting or hunting.

Skinwalker Hunt is being distributed to PCs. GAME*Spark has a play report and an interview article.