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Subway and Bus is the Kakao Mobility… The business firmly after withdrawal of the sale

The two-month journey of Kakao Mobility, which was noisy for the sale of private equity funds, ended with the withdrawal of the sale. Kakao Mobility’s willingness to grow will be reflected by the parent company Kakao.

Kakao Mobility, which was sighed, strengthened its existing service, and at the same time, it strengthened its position in and externally by enhancing autonomous driving technology.

According to the information technology (IT) platform industry on the 29th, Kakao decided to transfer all rights and obligations to Kakao Mobility, including the use of the Kakao Subway and Bus, which has been operated since 2016, and all rights and duties, including personal information. It is an app that tells the time of public transportation and arrival, and will be managed and operated by Kakao Mobility from 28th of next month.

It is the first example of expanding the service-related business traffic after the recent suspension of the sale of Kakao Mobility. In June that MBK Partners, the largest private equity manager in Korea, is considering the acquisition of Kakao Mobility, observations were followed by the largest shareholder Kakao (57.5%stake) in and out of the investment bank industry.

The sale of the second major shareholders’ conversion plan and the inevitable decision for business growth flowed from Kakao executives. However, on the 25th of last month, major Kakao Mobility’s major figures formed a council for mobility and sustainable growth in society, and asked Kakao to reserve.

On the 16th, the council delivered a win-win plan to the group control tower, the CAC (CAC), and decided to stop Kakao’s change of shareholders’ composition and support the growth of the mobility business. He will continue to operate the business and contribute to the growth of Kakao Mobility. Hong Eun-taek, CEO of Kakao, promised that Kakao Mobility will continue to lead the growth of the domestic mobility ecosystem.

Equipped with Kakao Subway and bus services, it is read as a willingness to enhance the convenience of more than 30 million users, based on Kakao T Taxi, and to become a comprehensive mobility platform that encompasses the entire domestic vehicle.

An official of Kakao Mobility said, We have transferred the service to provide synergy with other services by providing specialized services in mobility in mobility. We are currently considering the details.

Social responsibility… Win-Win Advisory Commission and Transparency Committee Activity

It is also fulfilling social responsibility, urged by taxi drivers and platform workers.

Kakao Mobility launched the Win-Win Advisory Committee, a direct organization under the CEO, which consists of external experts. In order to promote user benefits and win-win measures, the committee has been established as experts in traffic, labor, consumers, media, and legal areas. The Mobility Transparency Committee is also launched for objective diagnosis of taxi dispatching systems.

The committee plans to diagnose the adequacy, reliability, and transparency in the system of data processing in the system from a technical point of view such as big data and artificial intelligence (AI), and seek a role in the mobility platform to contribute to the promotion of society and transportation.

** Improvement of profitability such as securing future mobility technology and advertising business

The company is also working on improving profitability by discovering future mobility food technologies such as autonomous driving and urban air traffic (UAM).

At the end of last year, the company has established a cooperative relationship with UAM manufacturers, Bolocopter, Busan and UK Vertical Aeros Face, LG Uplus, Jeju Airlines, GS Caltex, and Pablo Airlines. The company continues to develop autonomous startup ride flux, user-oriented passengers and logistics integrated autonomous driving services in Jeju.

In addition, the company plans to continue its surplus last year by expanding its advertising business.

The company started advertisements such as ‘Splash Screen’, ‘Taxi Pin Theme’, and ‘Banner while boarding’ when running the app, including the service icon button advertisement on the home screen in the Kakao T app.


An official of the company explained, We will focus on balancing the advertising efficiently without hinding the app usability.