Lol: Isurus takes his third championship after defeating Estral in the final of the Lla

After several months of competition, only two Titans have reached the last battle, the final duel between Estral against Isurus defines what team the Latin American League Cup takes to give the victory to the top winner of the region that will go to how Representative for Worlds 2022 to face the champions of all the various leagues in the world, with a background between both squads that defines what curse ends from the eagles that carry several finals lost to a Grell Coronate for the first time.

A series not suitable for cardiac

During the first game we see the shark squad taking the advantage to be able to achieve a target quickly with a Swain in the hands of Ali Seiya Bracamontes with which he gave a cathedral of how to dominate a very effective line phase getting rotate to support his squad and getting the rivals fall to give the first victory to Isurus.

In the second encounter, things got very couples because neither of the two squads wanted Stop the fall of the link and with a teleportation by Emmanuel Acce Juárez manage to gain pressure to finish the game.

With the things couples we reach a third map where everything is summarized in a better of 3 starting with a composition of stral focused on leaving the shooter free to be the one that causes the damage but that leaves erroneously because The combo that showed the shark with the Wukong of Jesus Grell Loya that entered the opposite shooter to deny it and thereby get a great advantage with which they would have the victory in the bag.

Arriving at the fourth contest the eagles had the pressure on top but sought to have the best tools for them leaving Benjamin Kindless on comfort to have an aphelia in their possession with which it caused a lot of damage to the teams per team leaving Estral With a great advantage to be able to have the ability to send the series to a fifth map.

Now everything is defined in a single map where everything could happen with an Isurus that seeks to make a difference from the beginning leaving the priority to Grell with an Xin Zhao that seeks the objectives at every moment to have the soul of the hell In their favor, sharks with thirst for blood seek to fight with everything but in a hunted the estral The respite that would give them second important to the shark to save the link getting exterminating the rivals and with a teleportation of Kang Add Geon-Mo would give the closure to be crowned.

After five games that gave tears of happiness to the fanatic Latin and many cardiac strikes we see how Isurus manages to be crowned for the third time as the champion of the region, the golden dream of the Mexican trident is now fulfilled to become the representatives From the next League of Legends World Cup where they will seek to leave the region high, remembering that the Play-in phase will be played in the Mexico City, With great force the cry of the Latin shark is heard.