Marvel Future Revolution

Segas hip multiplayer shooter, Hyenas

Sega and Creative Assembly, a new shooting, released by the last summer game fest, is based on a distant future when humanity has been built on Mars after the earth is destroyed. Some rich people are located in Mars colonies, and the rest are in the tigership of a huge slum in Mars. The user will be a so-called Hyenas, which raises and plundered the ‘treasure ship’ that stores the materials discovered on Earth.

In the Summer Game Fest, where only the teaser was released, the composition of the hyena VS security company was emphasized, but the feeling of ‘Hyenas’, which was presented to the media, was quite different on the Gamescom stage. It is true that security companies have to cooperate in cooperation, but in addition to security companies, other hyenas can be removed. The image of Hyena was reflected in the title, which is a bizarre sound of rotten meats.

The game is based on a three-person squad, and a total of five hyenas will enter the different positions to rob the most expensive treasure located in the center of the map. Before entering, the users choose one of the characters with different skills to form a squad, and at first, they will fight NPCs such as clones, guard robots, and drones on the entry path.


In particular, some security robots were so high that it was hard to fight 1: 1, and it was difficult to penetrate the shield from the front. So one person was required to play a connection play that dragged the aggro, shot from behind or induced with a trap, and then caught with intensive strikes. It was also important to share roles that handle such units first while dealing with other enemies, as the middle guards or drones could call for assistance.

The characters that have been revealed so far are El Silbon, a sniper role, Garlacsia in the role of hacker, and three Prima who create variables with weightlessness. El Silbon has the ultimate that reveals long-distance sniper ability and enemy position, supporting allies and handling the main targets first, and Galaxia is a special substance that is disabled or hardened by the enemy’s firearms with hacking. It is characterized by a tricky play. Garlacsia is a specialized in close proximity because of its short range of submachine guns, but it is difficult to stop the attack of enemies attacked from a distance except for the ultimate. Prima has a characteristic that it can be flexibly advantageous by being able to climb freely to the high-tall region.

If you enter the treasure line, the so-called farming phase will take a while to secure a variety of items in the surrounding warehouses or boxes. Most of them are settled after looting, but in the media demonstration, not only throwing weapons such as electric field mines, but also useful items such as tools for scattering drones indiscriminately fired in certain sections, or teleporters that can be freely moved within the effective distance. It was released.

In addition to different skills and aims, ‘weightless’ is another variable of Hyenas. In addition to moving the corridor in the middle of the middle, it was possible to use the equipment that generates weightlessness and then jump high to catch the sniper or hit the enemy outside the field of view. In addition, some of the stylish moves were released, such as the usual speed of movement, and sliding, such as sliding, and moving between cover and minimizing the damage.

Not only do they go through the battles, but also infiltrate through the vents and various bypasses. The enemy, such as a clone, can be quietly approached and killed immediately, and it takes some time to hack, but it is also possible to go through various bypasses. If the guards discover other enemies and alert them, the eyes of the guards are focused on it, so the other teams can quietly approach the treasure of the most.

If you succeed in seizing treasures, the survival competition between Hyenas begins in earnest from then on. It is possible to fight between different teams before deodorization, but after the treasure deodorization, the final team survives and monopolizes the treasure. The last condition of the victory is to secure a treasure without a separate countdown to ride on the escape line or wiped out all other teams. If the team is wiped out, it is impossible to respond, but if one survives, it is also confirmed that the recent squad-based Battle Royale has been applied.

The team-based shooter, which covers the treasures of strong enemies and plates, will be launched with the last winner, and ‘Hyenas’ will be released in 2023 on PCs, PS, XBOX, and is currently on the Steam page and official website. I am recruiting.