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[TECH] Ethereum Gokka Mining Hello ~

Bitfly, which operates Ethermine, the largest mining pool in Ethereum (ETH), will end the mining support through GPU from September 15.

Ethereum (ETH), a virtual asset sport that has bothered gamers just a few months ago, and a virtual asset event that can be said to be the cause of the incident, will be announced that it will end the difficulty bomb adjustment and support for several years, but it is eventually realized. The news is drawing attention because it is not.

In March 22, the European Union (EU) raised the problem that carbon emissions are rapidly increasing worldwide due to the POW method that can be obtained through the operation of the graphics card. The EU includes a provision that prevents virtual assets mined by POW methods such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as the main culprit of environmental destruction by treating the virtual asset regulatory bill, MICA (Market in Crypto-Assets), as the main culprit of environmental destruction. This was also excluded.

The reason for the date of September 15 is that Ethereum Merge will be carried out on the 15th. Since POW (POW, Proof of Work) is changed from POS (POS) to POS (Proof of Stake) method, it is no longer possible to mine Ethereum using graphics cards or ASIC miners.

The price of graphics cards, which has soared since the second half of 2020, is stabilizing, and the news of the Ethereum mining service through the graphics card and the launch of the RTX 40 graphics card will be drawn to the market.

▶ The following is a translation of the notice in Bitfly:

Title: Important Notice-End of Ethereum POW Mining Step

One of the key items from the start of the Ethereum project was to convert the consensus mechanism into a proof of equity. After seven years of research and development, Ethereum’s mining stage ends on September 15, 2022. After this date, you can no longer minen the Ether on the Ethereum network using graphics card (GPU) or ASIC.

As a result of this conversion, the Ethermine Ethereum mining pool is converted to withdrawal mode when the work proof mining step is terminated. The exact count down timer can be used on the miner dashboard. You can keep the Ether until the countdown reaches zero.

This means that all Ethermine hierarchies are terminated and the miners can no longer be connected to the Ethermine Ethereum pool. You can trigger manual payment on individual dashboard pages to receive the final payment of the unpaid balance. If the unpaid balance exceeds 0.005 eth, you can request a manual payment. In the case of manual payment, the transaction fee is deducted from the unpaid balance.

After careful assessment, BitFly decided not to provide a dedicated mining pool for the planned POW fork.

To keep mining other coins, it is recommended to join one of other high-performance mining pools.

It also offers a 0% commission for the month of September for Ethereum Classic, RavenCoin, ERGO & BEAM Mining Pool. It can be mined at the pool without a full cost for a month.

If you have any questions, join the Discord server.

Finally, thank you for your continued trust in our mining pool!