Retail ends after 30 years of tradition – for legendary catalog

Brochures and catalogs are on the collar. The next dealer is now responding to Ikea, Rewe and Obi. He is the daughter of the Otto Group.

Dortmund-Ikea already showed it in 2021 and stamped the traditional catalog or rather, the format for advertising completely changed. Now another dealer follows and no longer wants to print his legendary catalog and have it sent to customers.

brochures are stamped: more and more companies are moving to

Around 28 million advertising brochures end up in the mailboxes of households in Germany. But more and more companies are saying goodbye to the handbooks-for environmental reasons.

According to Obi and the drugstore Müller, Rewe recently announced that more than 73,000 tons of paper, 70,000 tons of CO₂, 1.1 million tons of water and 380 million kWh of energy would have to save by no longer wanting to print any brochures.

But not only the brochures are on the collar, but also the catalogs. According to Ikea, the Otto subsidiary Manufactum now wants to hire the main catalog. The retailer, based in the Waltrop North Rhine-Westphalian, is best known for long-lasting, but above all also costly products for household or garden.

Otto subsidiary ceases after more than 30 years: fans are wistful

What Manufactum advertises even with a timeless design in his goods may remind some customers a retro design from past times. The catalog is therefore at times a walk through the museum instead of an advertising measure. Some fans will be wistful from the sympathetically old-fashioned, extensive factory main catalog, theLezersmittelzeitung (LZ) _.

One wants to focus more on the digital offer, according to the Waltrop retailer, which operates numerous branches across Germany. The consequence of this step means that the main catalog is now stopped after around 34 years. As early as 2022 there will be no further catalog from Manufactum.

However, the catalog has achieved real cult status. Old specimens are even sold on the Internet on Ebay or other used goods portals. Cost: The older, the more expensive. A catalog from 2001 is offered, for example, at BOOKLOOKER for around 15 euros. It remains to be seen whether the value with that of the catalog is increasing.

Manufactum sets catalog-focus on digital advertising and online shop

The subsidiary of the Otto Group states that this step is to react to the changing customer behavior. In particular in the past three to four years, there has been a significant change here, said Manufactum Managing Director Kai Steffan.

Corona pandemic would also have increased the trend towards more digital sales and communication channels. In particular, new customers almost exclusively find out online and primarily only buy in the retailer online shop of how the LZ cites the company.

retailers hires catalog in Germany-but customers do not have to do without

The catalog is mainly used by the existing customers, but here too a change towards digital offers would be noted. For Manufactum, reason enough to stop the catalog after such a long time. But the fans of the museum catalog don’t have to do without.

In the future, the focus should be on the online channel, but for individual product groups you want to occasionally print range catalogs and have it sent to customers.

A look at the website already shows what such catalogs can look like. Among other things, Manufactum offers a catalog especially for men’s or women’s clothing. But a magazine on the topic of garden or kitchen is also waiting for customers. The range catalogs can either be ordered free of charge or digitally leafed through.

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