The Elder Scrolls Online

A MOD that adds energetic pheasant to Skyrim has appeared. Photography that finally steps on the earth after about 11 years

On August 12, MOD creator Edryu released a MOD PHEASANTS OF SKYRIM to add a pheasant to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Skyrim) on Nexus Mods. All you have to do is add the pheasant in the birds. At first glance, this mod, which seems to be plain, seems to be gaining popularity for some reasons. THEGAMER introduces.

Skyrim is an open world action RPG released by Bethesda Softworks in 2011. It has been loved to be 11 years since its release, and MOD production is also a thriving work. The Skyrim, which is rich in nature, inhabits not only fictional creatures but also various animals. In addition to timid animals such as rabbits and deer, dangerous animals such as wolf and bears appear.

A MOD has appeared in Skyrim’s new animal. PHEASANTS OF SKYRIM produced by Edryu. PHEASANT is a pheasant that is a bird. As the name suggests, this MOD can add a pheasant to Skyrim. As a wild animal, you will be able to see pheasant in Skyrim. It seems that the types of pheasant that appear in the snowy areas and other areas are different.

The total number of downloads of PHEASANTS is about one week from the release, 610 times. It has become quite popular as a single animal additional MOD. Certainly the pheasant is cute. But that doesn’t seem to be the reason for this MOD. What is the reason the pheasant is attracting the attention of the Skyrim player?

In fact, the pheasant was suggested in Skyrim. During the game, food items called pheasant breasts appear. As an object, several carcasses of the suspended pheasant have appeared. You can get pheasant breasts from the carcasses. On the other hand, living pheasant could not confirm anywhere in Skyrim. Did it just not appear in front of the player, or did the Nords hunt out and extinct? The cause is unknown. In this work, a hawk appears with the pheasant.

In any case, PHEASANTS brought a living pheasant to Skyrim, which had only dead and breasts. It was a MOD that only added animals but also complemented the world view of this work. By the way, this MOD uses the appearance method similar to Splendor-Dragon Variants (hereinafter, Splendor). Splendor is a MOD that uses 14 dragon textures in the main story to make 784 types of dragons appear without adding new textures. In PHEASANTS, it is said that various variations of the pheasant will appear. The pheasant MOD that appeared with fullness seems to be quite elaborate.

PHEASANTS OF SKYRIM is being distributed on Nexus Mods. If you want to see a healthy pheasant in Skyrim, why not try it?