Timesia how to unlock a long -acting potion

A long-acting potion is the first of the three main potions that you unlock in Timesia, defeating three bosses at the end of the level.

To get a long-term potion, you will have to defeat Street, the first boss of the game. However, do not be mistaken. Being the first boss does not mean that it will be passers-by. ODUR was created in order to introduce you to the cruelty of the game and give you an idea of what will happen next. He has a lot of attacks, including distant and hand-to-hand, as well as Mick-APs to take you by surprise.

Consider the stupid the opportunity to master the systems for evading and parrying timesia, because it will only become more difficult when you encounter the hanged queen behind the second, fast-acting potion.


The next leadership will explain how to defeat a stupor to obtain a long-term potion in Timesia.

How to win a stupor

Odur has two phases of battle with a dozen various attacking techniques. With the first phase, of course, the easiest to encounter. When stupid enters the second phase, his attacks will become stronger, faster and more aggressive.

Phase 1 attacks 1

punch with cane

This is the most common attack by stupid using a sword-integrity, which he twice waves in the direction forward, and then, quickly turning around, strikes you with his cane. The timings of this combo is quite easy to learn, and you can easily dodge it, since this is a continuous attack with zero delays.

rotating blow

When this attack was performed, Odur will have an incredible stand in which you will see how he bowed and holds his hat with one hand. Then he will strike you a foot with a turn about a second after he takes his rack. This attack will be directed forward, so you can easily evade it, moving back.

Double blow with rotation

He will include his right leg and deliver a double blow to the middle part of your body after an attack by a cane. Between the blows of the legs and the cane there will be a small delay, which you can use and dodge.

Counter blow

This is one of his counterattacks when he repel your attack using his cane, and then attacks you with a quick attack after a strong blow with his foot. This blow paralyzes you for a while, so do not forget to either dodge or reflect it.

Counter blow

This is his second counterattack, in which he will first repel your attack with a shock, and then attacks you with a quick jump forward after a double hit with a cane.

one-card click

This is a long-range attack that he will use when he has 50% of health or less. Having created some distance from you, he will throw you two cards, clicking his fingers. These cards cause significant damage, so do not forget to evade this attack and try to reduce the distance, dodging to the side and quickly moving forward.

Pyatical click

He will use this attack after a double throw of one card, but first he will charge his card before clicking them again. The delay in this rack is about two seconds, so you can take advantage of this delay to attack it while Odur reloads its cards.

Phase 2 attacks

Combination of five beats

This is the most common attack in this phase, when the stupor disappears, and then evades 3 times, moving towards you. After that, he will perform a combo Atak, including five shocks. He will strike first, using the following attacks with a scabbard.

Critical attack

When this attack is performed, an outbreak of a green shade will appear, and you will be attacked by an invisible line of energy, tearing out of the ground with a quick wave of Sword Odur.


Whenever you see how a stupor absorbs the energy of a red shade from your environment, be sure to run and get away from it as far as possible, because it is his powerful attack, from which it is impossible to dodge. She causes much greater damage than the rest of his attacks, i.e. 175 units of damage without the possibility of reflection or evasion from it.

What makes a long-acting potion?

A long-acting potion treats the most health compared to other potions. The sip will provide a 150 percent increase in healing, but the catch is that healing will not be instantaneous. You are treated over time using a long-term potion.

Thus, having a potion in the warehouse, you can focus on applying consistent damage to enemies, and not focus solely on evasion and reflection of attacks.