Lol: Riot does not know what to do with Zeri and demonstrates it with another Nerf that will only give more problems

Zeri has become the new most problematic champion in the story of League of Legends . After its premiere in the first measures of season 12, Riot Games has tried to adjust it up to eleven occasions and has no planning to stop soon. The developer has announced a new power reduction in the next 12.16 patch that will end up leading to additional problems. Far from being a pessimistic and unjustified forecast, it is the harsh reality of a heroine that is greatly suffering in qualifying games and that does not precisely have a brilliant performance in the professional game.


Riot loses patience with Zeri and is on his way to a gigantic error

Although the players continue to complain about Zeri, the reality is that he is one of the worst game champions in qualifying games. In the lowest skill ranges he barely exceeds 46% in his victorious rate and the thing does not improve greatly if we only want to look at the best players. The highest skill group Riot Games contemplates is the one that includes all those players in a range equal to or greater than 2 diamond, where the champion has a success rate of 47.5 percentage points .

Zeri’s reign was not even such in the competitive system. Although we come from a week in which records have been beaten thanks to her, the truth is that Riot Games criteria no longer meets to reduce the power of the champions. According to the developer, any hero that has a competitive presence exceeding 95% in a single patch or 85% in two consecutive versions must be nervous. However, in recent weeks she had only appeared in 77% of the matches. As if that were not enough, she did it with a ridiculous success rate, since she only won 46% of the professional items in which she was selected .

Although the percentage of victories of the champions in competitive is not a reliable statistic, the truth is that it serves to understand the trends of this character. Moreover, in a case like Zeri, she was the most successful League of Legends champion in the professional game throughout the last versions. This can be interpreted that players are using it more for the custom than her power of her. It is a fairly common phenomenon in competitive and they have already explained since Riot Games: so that a champion stops dominating the elite level not only has to be bad, but the players must think that it is.

Accompanying all this data is how we conclude that the reduction of Zeri’s power is a very bad news for League of Legends . She will undoubtedly disappear from the professional game or be reserved for a few wonders, but she will also be advised to be a deadly coup in qualifying games. In fact, the character is at risk of problems very similar to those who have been experiencing Ryze or Aphelia and from which it seems that the Riot Games equilibrium team has not learned all the necessary lessons.