When is Haikyuus season 5? Answered

dying to know * When the season 5 of Haikyuu * comes out? They are not alone there, colleagues crows, since volleyball fans and anime really want to know what the next step on the trip of Hinata and Karasuno Volleyball Club. Fortunately, we have all the information you may need about when the next delivery comes out.

Release date of Haikyuu Season 5

Thank you very much to all the haikyu !! The anime team for its continuous hard work last year!

Waiting for the continuation! #ハイキュー #hq_anime pic.twitter.com/ku411mphq7

-Haikyu !! (@Haikyu_en) December 18, 2020

Unfortunately, there is no launch date or launch window for Haikyuuu season 5 at this time.

It has been a while since we listened to something about Haikyuū season 5, since the last episode of this high school volleyball saga was launched on December 19, 2020. Just after the final entry in Hakyuū! To the top (season 4), the official English account of the Anime Manga and TV series assured fans that they were working hard in the next step.

That will do that for everything you need to know about ** when Hayikyuu ‘season 5 comes out. If you are still looking for more information about the movie, be sure to consult the rest of haikyu to see the rest of our guides, which have many tips, tricks and frequent questions.

Release date of the final sequel to the film in two parts

Update (August 13, 2022): Today, it was revealed that a haikyu !! The final anime sequel would happen instead of a season 5 . While we still do not have an exact release date, A launch event will take place on August 2. 23, 2022.

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