Prosperity at the end of hardship- Farthest Frontier is a survival -type town planning sim that reminiscent of the hardships of his father

Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAME*Spark readers who are lamenting, saying, I don’t know what kind of game it is! Therefore, it is this project Explosive Speed Play Repo to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, we will introduce the Farthest Frontier for the city development sim for PC (Steam) developed on CRATE ENTERTAINMENT, which started early access on August 9, 2022.

What is Farthest Frontier

For what is in the world, the first step is important. The pioneers, the first, or the pioneers are praised in the experience of built a road in places without the road, set a signpost for backwards, and sometimes braid to confront difficulties with experience. It is nothing but it is. How was our father-in-law, who dared to throw away a well-known life, stepped into an unknown world, and built a solid base there?

Farthest Frontier introduced this time is a town planning sim that allows you to feel the hardships of such a pioneer in medieval Europe. If you are careless, your crop will die due to illness, and if the firewood runs out, you will endure the cold wave so far in the cold. The huntsman who went to hunt together with the bear and escaped to the body. Sometimes, the opposition of the army collapsed, who sniffs the golden scent, rushes together. Well, it is such a town planning sim to work hard on the harsh era of powerless citizens.

Cut trees and collect stones, and surpass the hunger while collecting nearby wild grassy herbs. If you have done what you can get, it is finally the beginning of self-sufficiency in the field. The fence of wild animal remarks in the field will become a stuffing pile fence if you notice it, and eventually becomes a solid stone wall. The only missing things are not just visible. Anyway, this is an unexplored new world. Labor force tends to be insufficient. If your hands are dexterous, to craftsmen, if you are proud of your power. I can’t afford to let people play here. Whether it can be developed depends on the player. Even so, the other person may be nature, sometimes nothing can be d1. Make your life exhausted. Let’s start the town planning while praying for the blessing of God.

Approach the actual content of FARTHEST FRONTIER!

Let’s enter the main game immediately.

A message that it is an early access that comes out… Japanese! ? Are you already localized? This raises expectations. Depending on the game, there are many games that are available in Japanese in the update after the release, so it is currently supported in Japanese. This is nice.

Even if you look at the setting screen, there is also a solid translation and setting items. I think that the options are solid is a good guide to measure the quality of the game. In addition, you can guess the weight of the game itself.

On the title screen is a cow car that goes on the road with a man who is a st1. You can overlook European-style castle cities.

A new village is a new game. And next is the initial setting screen. You can choose a preset or customize it. Even so, each of the types of maps and resources, wild animals, illness, and attacks of enemies are combinations of easy, medium, and difficulties, so it cannot be set in detail.

Well, if you’re a man, of course… Easy is one choice!

Next is a little movie scene. You can know why people have begun pioneering, which is the path of hardship. … Oh, it’s a medieval severe world.

When the game starts, it starts with the location of where to go to the center of the city. Hmm, I decided here!

The green icon at the top left of the screen is a native vegetable, and the bird nests that can collect eggs are displayed. There are also icons such as sand and clay. In this game, graphical displays such as icons such as various materials are firmly displayed, so you can understand just by looking at them. If it is difficult to see, it is also recommended to set the UI scale.

When you decide the center of the city, the pioneer will work on the work. Even so, it’s a long journey, everyone seems to be a delicate morale. It is the player’s job to make this a paradise for them.

Important notifications are displayed in the upper left of the screen. What is the lack of residence? Let’s sleep on the cow carp board for the time being. Not enough firewood? So is it going to burn beef?

I made a number of houses, woodwood divisions, and wells. The well seems to wither depending on the location, and it may have a bonus due to the rain. Depending on the season, wild fruits are also available. It seems that Sanzashi is in the center of the screen. It’s delicious when you drink alcohol. Also, when collecting various kinds of wild vegetables, the collection hut is built and the resources within the range are automatically collected.

Depending on the building, you can upgrade if you meet the conditions. Basically, the ranks of the meetinghouse may be premised, but in the case of housing, it may be the comfort and the supply of specific items. Oh, is it the birth of immigrants and children?

Most of the migrants are increasing, but sometimes such options are displayed. … Isn’t this a mixture of vampires and wolves inside, or where you are asking? Don’t you betray? Are you sure you’re okay? Somehow, it’s a suspicious score, but here I want a little workforce.

While doing so, the season is already about autumn to winter. The calendar is on the center of the screen. What is a blizzard? Firewood still has plenty of room, but isn’t it really food? Well, what’s going on.

The town will calm down in winter. Occasionally some people come to work and work, but they usually stay still at home.

So, the spring of the second year. Only a few left food. I managed to recover the vegetables in a hurry. Yes, I don’t complain about only vegetables.

The city is prosperous. From hunting to skin tanning, and fur clothes, we are thinking about supply chains from securing materials to its use.

The death occurs at the tip of the arrow that I thought was smooth sailing. It seems to be sick. If you leave the body as it is, it will cause illness, so in a hurry, prepare a cemetery.

By the way, the biggest enemy in such a game is neglected. When I left it a little for private use and came home… I was attacked. The damage was 1,500 gold ingots for three dead. Various warehouses are overflowing, and the compost creation site is overflowing. Naturally, the residential area is covered with dirt.

The garrison that the thief left. The flag is lonely and shakes in the wind. The city is quite ugly. It seems that various reassembles are needed.

Yes, this game seems to be particular about agriculture. The fields will be placed in the fields so that they can fit in the training frame. In addition to parameters such as fertility, weeds, and soil rock volume, soil improvement by inserting sand and clay according to crops can be improved. Also, depending on the crops, the weather resistance and the resistance to the stage are different. It is important to note that if you choose wheat, you will be sick or irregular and miserable.

Speaking of agriculture, I think that three-field agriculture and wheeling agricultural methods held in Europe will be helpful. Cubs and clover are the key to medium cultivation.

The feature of this game is that it focuses on pioneering. In the so-called strategic RTS, even if there is domestic politics, it is a means for military expansion, but in this game, it is only for defense. It is not an aggressive offensive against the army or the hatred aristocratic opponent. Just pay the sparks that fall, and there is no option to set up from here. It depends on the player whether you see this as a fool or boring, but for the writer with a lot of blood. … I put a mortar, a stones, a castle hammer, and a barista, and I just get a little tax collection from that opposition or Bonkura noble.

Or, there are some pacifist mode, so it’s also fun to enjoy the Life in the Rural River while enjoying the shifted four seasons.

Title : Farthest Frontier

Compatible model : PC (Steam)

Play model in the article : PC (Steam)

Release date : August 9, 2022

Author play time at the time of writing article : 6 hours

Price : 3,090 yen