XBOX Game Pass released the first title in August. Including Two Point Campus

Microsoft has added various titles such as Ghost Recon Wildland, Turbo Golf Racing, Two Point Campus, Cooking Simulator, and Expedition: Rome to Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft allows users to enjoy the game they want anytime, anywhere on the console, PC, iOS, and Android mobile devices through the Xbox Game Pass. In addition, the content lineup is continuously strengthening to meet the various tastes of users.

■ Ghost Recon Wildlands-Console/PC/Cloud Support *August 2

‘Ghost Recon Wildland’ is a third-person military shooting game with a huge and dangerous open world background, allowing you to play with up to three friends and teams. As a member of the US military special forces Ghosts, he will be fighting against the drug organization Santa Blanca Cartel to prevent the collapse of Bolivia.

■ Shenzhen I/O (Shenzhen I/O)-PC Support, [email protected] *August 4th

Inspired by actual electronics, ‘I/O’ is an open end programming puzzle game that becomes an engineer in Shenzhen, the center of the world’s electronic manufacturing industry, and uses various parts to create electronic circuits in the center of the world’s electronic manufacturing industry..

■ Turbo Golf Racing-Console/PC/Cloud Support, [email protected] *August 4

‘Turbo Golf Racing’ is an arcade sports racing game that can be played online for up to eight people. The turbo engine is equipped with a turbo engine, using techniques such as jumping, flipping, and dashing, flying large golf balls, and enjoying racing to pass the finish line first.


■ Two Point Campus-Console/PC/Cloud Support *August 9

In the new simulation game ‘Two Point Hospital’, the new simulation game ‘Two Point Campus’ can be built and employed by employees to create a dream university full of quirky themes.

■ Cooking Simulator-Console/PC/Cloud Support *August 11

‘Cooking Simulator’ is a cooking simulation game that challenges to become the best chef in kitchens with various cooking tools and facilities. You can release more than 80 recipes and master and cook everything you want with various ingredients. The actual cooking principle is applied to provide a more realistic experience.

■ Expedition: EXPEDITIONS (ROME)-PC support, *August 11

In the turn-based RPG ‘Expedition: Rome’, which conquers new lands, digs into political conspiracy, and determines Rome’s destiny, the player must set up a praetorian unit to fight the enemy and lead the Legion to victory. All of the players’ decisions affect the future of Rome.

■ Off World Trading Company-PC Support, [email protected] *August 11

‘Open World Trading Company’ is a real-time economic strategy game, and there is a fierce competition among companies to dominate the new market in Mars, which is the colony of the earth.