Overview Dead by Daylight Project W: killers, survivors and bonuses

Resident Evil returns to the world of Dead by Daylight. With three new characters, it becomes clear that the essence has not yet completed the cleaning of the gurgling zombies of Rakkun City streets. Let’s see what is included in Project W.

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil Killer-Wesker (inspirer)

The poisonous border (strength) *
* The inspirer can rush forward, infecting the survivors survivors or jumping over obstacles.
Excellent anatomy
* You have become the climax of decades of research: something faster, strong and more dangerous than any person. When the survivor makes a jump in a jump within a radius of eight meters from you, Superior Anatomy is activated.
* Increases the jump rate by 30/35/40% at the next jump through the window.
Awakened consciousness
* Your genes were changed to aggravate your feelings in tense situations.
* If you have a survivor, the auras of all other survivors open to you when they are within 16/18/20 meters from you.
* Ending station
* You are a brilliant tactic, ready for any turn of events.
* As soon as the output gate is turned on, the terminus is activated. All the wounded, dying or falling on the hook survivors suffer from the effect of a broken state until the weekend gates are opened. This effect is preserved for another 20/25/30 seconds after the opening of the weekend.

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil Survivor-Rebecca Chambers

Better new *
* You are an expert in the field of combat medicine. Patients leave you inspired. After the treatment at another survivor, he receives the following effects over the next 25/30/35 seconds: increases the speed of their actions during the repair, treatment, opening and cleansing by +6%.
* Your presence helps the allies concentrate, calming the panic associated with extreme conditions.

* Being within six meters from the survivor on the hook, click the Activate ability button to stop the sacrifice process for the next 20/25/30 seconds.
* If the survivor, who fell on the hook, has already entered the phase of the struggle, his skills checks are paused for this time.
* hyperfocus
* You are completely immersed in your tasks and find ways to be more effective than anyone else. After an excellent check of the skill during the repair or treatment, the hyperfocus receives one token, a maximum of six tokens. The following summarized effects are applied to each token:
* Increases the likelihood of triggering skills by +2% for each token.
* Increases the speed of rotation of the skills by +4% over the token.
* Increases the progress of the bonus of checking the skill by 10/20/30% of its basic value over the token.
* Hyperfocus still loses tokens when successfully checking the skill, failure to check the skill, or if the action is interrupted in any way.

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil Survivor-Ada Wong

* wiretapping
* You know that the best way to be a step ahead is to follow competitors. After repairing generators, wiretapping is activated by 33%.

* After repairing the generator for three seconds, click the activate ability button to install a wiretap that remains active within 60/70/80 seconds.
* The aura of disconnected generators is displayed for all survivors of yellow. When the killer is at a distance of 14 meters from the generator on, his aura opens with all the survivors.
* Damage to the generator destroys wiretap.

reactive healing *
* The more the situation is compromised, the more you will have to complete the operation.
* When another survivor loses its health in the range of 32 meters from you, while you are in a wounded state, you get the following effect: provides 25/30/35% of your missing healing progress.
Low-profile *
* You are best working al1. When only you and your pursuer are, you know how to disappear. When you become the last surviving, remaining test, a low profile is activated.
* Suppresses your puddles of blood and scratches for 70/80/90 seconds, after which the low-profile regime is deactivated.

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