Greases popular actress, Olivia Newton – John dies

Undoubtedly, one of the films that defined a whole generation of spectators was Grease , film adaptation that puts us a musical with history linked to a group of teenagers. Unfortunately, one of her protagonists suffered an altercation recently, resulting in her death and the sadness that entails.


The actress in question is neither more nor less than Olivia Newton-John , who is known worldwide for playing Sandy Olsson in the aforementioned film of the late 80’s. She together with John Travolta gave life to the main characters, having that not only play her role, but also interpreting the project songs.

Mainly her career was focused on music, but different situations took her to Hollywood , a place she had prepared for her the success of ticket offices in the United States and the world. It is worth mentioning that after Grease (Vaseline) she did not continue to shine as much as it could be expected, still she was working in minor series of TV series.

The announcement of her death at 73 years was carried out through her husband on her Facebook, giving a hopeful message to all the people who are fighting cancer. It is worth mentioning that the actress died from this hard disease, which she was fighting for more than 30 years.

Even the John Travolta gave a farewell message to the actress and singer:

My dear Olivia, you improved our lives so much. I will see you later in our paths and we will be together again. Yours, from the first moment I saw you, and forever. You Danny, your John.

Vía: Facebook