2022 LCK Summer Week 8 Comprehensive, Zenji

-9-9 consecutive wins, a single split set most consecutive winning tie records

-Hanwha Life-Nongshim’s T1, the second PO 2R confirmation after Zenji

-DRX, on the 7th, the last train boarding with Guangdong Prix boarding **

Zenji and T1, who have formed the Yanggang system while fighting the first place throughout the 2022 LCK Summer, confirmed the second round of the playoffs.

League of Legends, League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), which hosts the Korean professional league of e-sports e-sports, is a 2022 LCK Summer Week at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul from 3rd to 7th. He said he had a direct ticket to the second round of the playoffs.

Single Split Most Set Jenji Unfortunately

After losing to T1 in the 4th week of LCK Summer, Zenji, who has won seven consecutive games until the seventh week, won 2-0 in the confrontation against Guangdong Prix, which was the first game assigned to the eighth week.

Zenji, who achieved 16 sets of victories, challenged the LCK single split set most consecutive victory record in the confrontation with Damwon Kia on the 5th, but unfortunately stayed in a Thai record.

Zenji, who won a big record in the first set, allowed Damwon Kia to kill a series of kills until the middle of the second set, but he made a situation in which he could see the reverse victory by winning the Baron battle in a row. However, because Damwon Kia did not lose his concentration, Zenji lost two sets and had to be satisfied with the 17 consecutive victory records.

The LCK single split’s most consecutive record records in 2015 that SK Telecom T1 achieved 17 consecutive victories in Summer, and Zenji set the second record.

Although he could not set a record, Zenji defeated Damwon Kia 2-1 and continued to win nine consecutive wins. Jenji, who recorded 15 wins and 1 loss and a set of +27, won the second round of the playoffs with at least second place even if he lost all the remaining games. Zenji will win the T1’s first place by winning the T1’s pursuit if he wins one more win in two games allocated in the ninth week.

Difficulty PO 2R Go straight to T1

It was the T1 that was difficult to take the first place by losing the first place with Zenji and lost in the seventh week, but the second round of the playoffs was not missed. In the eighth week, the T1 won the second place in the regular league, winning the battle with the teams who were frustrated with Hanwha Life E-Sports and Nongshim Red Force.

Although the winning streak was not easy, the process was not easy. In particular, in the confrontation with Nongshim Red Force on the 7th, the T1 took one set, but in the second set, he defeated Kill Score 2: 21, and in the third set, Azir of ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk played super play, winning the victory.. The T1, which recorded 14 wins and 2 losses and a set loss +18, has won the second place in the regular league even if both the remaining matches are lost, with three games against the third place.

6 PO tickets are all hidden

All six teams to compete in the 2022 LCK Summer Playoffs have been confirmed. Zenji and T1 went straight to the second round of the playoffs, and 11-5 with a Rib Sandbox, a 9-7 defeat, Kia, KT Rollster, and DRX will face the first round of the playoffs.

The first of the four teams, the team that confirmed the playoffs, was the Live Sandbox. On the 3rd, Live Sandbox, which defeated Damwon Kia 2-0, was the third place on the 6th, defeating KT Rollster. Damwon Kia also lost to Zenji on the 5th, but he got a playoff ticket three points ahead of KT Rollster in the set.

KT Rollster defeated Freddd Brion on the 4th and succeeded in entering the playoffs in five splits since the 2022 Spring, and DRX defeated Guangdong Frix 2-0 on the 7th.

The three teams, except for the Live Sandbox, were 9 wins and 7 losses. Since there are three teams leaving two games in the 9th week, the final ranking is decided only by winning and losing and losing and defeating.