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How to solve a puzzle with a relay stone on the island of Puding in Genshin Impact – the Summertime Odyssey event

The Golden Apple Archipelago returned to the Summertime Odyssey from Genshin Impact, which takes place from from July 15, 2022 to August 24, 2022 . During this period, you can get a lot of limited chests of chests, solving puzzles in the summer islands.

After completing All three parts from the quest of the event of the incident, when the spring courtyard appeared, you can unlock the rearrange bonsai function on its island. As soon as this is done, change the location of the bonsai to Hoverlight Rocks: on the left and also Hoverlight Rocks: correctly then click confirm to complete your choice.

How to solve a puzzle with a relay in Pudding Isle

After the rearrangement of Bonsai, in accordance with the above specifications, go to teleport the track point on the island of Puding. Next to him, you will immediately find a puzzle with a relay st1. One of the relay stones by default is connected to another mechanism, but you can take it and move it anywhere. The second is located on the lower platform next to the red-leaved tree on the left.

Firstly, place one relay stone at the edge of the cliff between unloading and accumulating stones. A violet line must connect all three mechanisms to each other. If not, then make micro-regulations to the position of the relay stone until all three are connected.

Then you need to combine the discharge stone with another accumulation stone behind the track point of the teleport. Place the relay stone in the position indicated in the image above, so that another purple line is formed, connecting three mechanisms to each other. As soon as you finish, the general chest will appear for you to rob.

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