How to solve a puzzle with a closed exquisite chest in the past Minacious Isle in Genshin Impact

The Golden Apple Archipelago returned to the Summertime Odyssey from Genshin Impact, which takes place from from July 15, 2022 to August 24, 2022 . During this period, you can get a lot of limited chests of chests, solving puzzles in the summer islands.

In , the previous version on a mineccial island you will find a locked exquisite chest, which you can unlock only after performing the quest segment ancient azure stars. Then you can use the place in water function to switch between the last and real versions of the island.

How to unlock an exquisite chest on a minced island in Genshin Impact

The locked exquisite chest is on the right side of the island. But in order to unlock it, you first need to go to the area with elemental monuments to change the weather and create a dream form. Its exact location is circled on the image above.

As soon as you find yourself in this area, slide down to cryo monument and activate it so that the weather becomes foggy . A purple crane will appear next to him. The purple crane is a form of dream , which acts as visible. As soon as you approach him, he teleports to a new place.

Continue to follow the form of a dream until it leads you to a locked exquisite chest and will turn into four pyrafacles. Apply the arsonist to the torches in any order to unlock the exquisite chest to get prey.

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