In a single case, speed video camera

According to the testers, the legislation only refers to the motorist of an automobile. The passenger needs to as a result make use of such an app and or by mouth notify concerning speed cameras during the trip. Likewise, drivers are allowed to seek feasible radar points prior to beginning the trip or during a break.

speedster application: ban just puts on drivers.

Even Google in its navigation app in some countries uses a speed cameras. If this feature likewise comes onto the marketplace in Germany, drivers should no more use the app while driving.

If drivers on the radio can be advised of flashes, that is legal. According to Stiftung Warentest, drivers of an automobile are not permitted to utilize a program on the cell phone.


By the way, the ban on speed cameras likewise uses even in the majority of various other European countries-parties are a lot more purely made use of. The ADAC has actually developed a summary.

To be flashed is pricey and also aggravating for drivers Numerous make use of speed camera applications is forbidden. Nonetheless, there is a void in the right.