Smilegate Hope Studio, Smile Farm Farming Donation Campaign

Smilegate Hope Studio (Chairman Kwon Hyuk-bin, Hope Studio) announced on the 4th that it will hold a campaign to present Smile Farm and Happy Summer, which donates crops harvested at ‘Eco-Friendly Garden’ Smile Farm.

This campaign is a new attempt of Hope Studio, which has been promoting the spread of participatory donation culture.

More than 40 campaigns participated in smile farms and donated eco-friendly organic crops such as lettuce, tomatoes, and corn and donated them to 2 Smile House Seongnam and Anseong on July 15. Hope Studio said it will deliver the second harvest next month.


In addition, the employees of Smilegate, who sympathized with the purpose of the donation campaign, have raised their own fundraising activities, and the donation of more than 33 million won has been raised. In addition to fundraising activities, employees also delivered various foods such as meat, ssamjang, and seasonal fruits to Smile House.

Kwon Yeon-ju, head of Hope Studio, said, This donation campaign first suggested that we would like to donate crops grown by our members who operate Smile Farm. We plan to expand further as the first case of the spread and eco-friendly elements.