Ridge Racer 3D and Tales of Jubis are less than 500 yen! Bannams last 3DS sale held -Other PS and switches are on sale

On August 3, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has launched the Nintendo 3DS Last Sale, which sells digital games for Nintendo Switch for less than 500 yen.

Ridge Racer 3D and Tales of series, etc., 500 yen or less

From August 3, 2022 to 9:59 am on August 24, 2022 , in the Bandai Namco Entertainment Nintendo 3DS Last Sale to be held at Nintendo E Shop 3D Racing Ridge Racer 3D , action RPG Tales of Jubis, Simulation RPG Tales of the World Rave Unitedia ** 500 yen or 500 yen It is sold for 300 yen.

STEAM and PS Store are on sale of Bannam works

In addition, the Nintendo E Shop is also on sale in the Nintendo Switch Digital version in addition to 3DS. In addition, a summer sale is also being held at the PS Store for Asobistore GAME, which handles the Steam key of BANDAI NAMCO’s work, Steam, PS4/PS5/PSVR digital version. All target titles can be found on this official website.