How to determine the poltergeist with phasmophobia – all evidence and advice

Poltergeist is a rather active ghost in phasmophobia, which loves to move objects more often than perform other interactions. They have the opportunity to move several objects at the same time and exhaust the player’s mind whenever they do this. The removal of objects in the region will make a poltergeist unable to use his ability, but he can still start hunting. Here’s how to determine the poltergeist with phasmophobia.

All evidence of the poltergeist in phasmophobia

Poltergeist a unique set of evidence is box of spirit , fingerprints and ghostly letter . Fingerprints will not appear on the objects that the poltergeist throws, and instead should be found on doors as well as windows with which the ghost interacts. You can hear the windows knock, and the doors move or open with a creak or close. The removal of objects in the room will make the ghost will not approve the throwing of objects, which will increase the likelihood of their interaction with the doors. The poltergeist can also exhaust the reason for the players after throwing objects, which makes the fall of reason very obvious evidence in the identification of the ghost.


The strengths and weaknesses of the poltergeist and what they mean with phasmophobia

strengths and also weaknesses belonging poltergeist are written in the journal as:

strength *-Polttergeists can throw several objects at once.
weakness *-When there is nothing to throw, the poltergeists become powerless.

The power of the poltergeist refers to his ability to throw several objects, but does not explain why it is so dangerous. When throwing objects poltergeist depleted the minds of the closest players by about 2% for an abandoned object. This can lead to the fact that the players will quickly decrease his mind, low enough so that the ghost can initiate hunting .

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The weakness of the poltergeist refers to his inability to exhaust the minds of players when throwing objects. Without the objects for the throw, they will instead other interactions. Big misconception is that the removal of objects in the ghost room will make a poltergeist unable to hunt. This is far from this applies only to Poltergeist, who can exhaust the minds of players when throwing objects.

tips for detecting poltergeist with phasmophobia

Poltergeist You can often confuse with they because both of them will prefer moving objects as their interactions. They will move the object with great force and very often. Instead, the poltergeist will move several objects and at the same time exhaust the mind of the players. Players can place all the objects in the ghost room close to each other to see if the poltergeist will disappear. moves several objects once. Usually this leads to the fact that many objects are scattered, instantly identifying the poltergeist. This is especially useful for nightmare difficulty.

For players trying to find clear evidence, removal of objects from the ghost room can be useful, as this will make the poltergeist perform other interactions. Finding fingerprints This method is especially useful, since they can only be found on the doors and windows.

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