Location of the stray paper bag – where you use the paper bag

Since Stray is regarding an adorable little stray feline that gets shed in a future city packed with robotics as well as threats, it would be forgiven to assume that danger just happens in the type of feline frails and also machines, although there is actually risk in the form of Paper bags that obtain stuck on the head. Yes, we do not joke; Yes, you should do that quickly.

So that the bag stays on your head at all, you have to find it area of stray paper bags . In this way you can knock your paws into the right area, put your old pet cat dumpling in the brown bag as well as have your control reversed for this additional kick of traveling illness.

In the following we describe every little thing you need to know in order to locate the paper bag in Stray, in which puts you can find as well as exactly how to use it.

area of the stray paper bag

There are various other paper bags that are spread in Stray’s globe, however this might be one of the very best and also easiest locations and methods to put on the paper bag on the head.

The The area of the paper bag in Stray is throughout the phase The Shanty towns . After the guard has told the robots that it is safe, you can go left where the garage opens up . Behind a store indicator and also best alongside the point where the musician rests Morusque, You can locate the paper bag .


Engage with the paper bag by pressing the switch as well as the cat will put your head in. You will certainly experience a nice shock if you do this as well, as the control is all unsteady. The bag loosens after a while.

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