Halloween Ends shows the final battle between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode

the truth hour hMichael Myers arrived. The time to put end to the story of Michael Myers once and for all. That is precisely the intention of Halloween Ends, the thirteenth delivery of the saga (and There wMichael Myers never a better number to fire a horror saga ). The closing of the trilogy started by Halloween (the 2018 reboot) and Halloween Kills (2021) hMichael Myers just launched their expected trailer and in it The knives between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) fly. Is the final confrontation really?

Halloween Ends will be set Four years after Hallowen Kills , in which (Spoiler Alert), Laurie Strode wMichael Myers going to live with her granddaughter Allyson after her daughter’s death at the hands of a Michaerl Myers missing. When a suspect appears to be the person after the mMichael Myersk, Laurie is forced to take arms and locate and face her adversary of her lifelong.

From 1978 to 2022, Halloween says goodbye


This new and spectacular juxtapone trailer images of The original Halloween film, that of 1978 , with those of the current battle between Laurie and Michael. Strangulation, blows and a knife with anxious blood. Interpreting Laurie Strode since 1978 hMichael Myers been the trip of my life, Jamie Lee Curtis acknowledged a few days ago. This will be his lMichael Myerst battle. All screams, all the scares, all the knife have led to this . I hope people have appealed a message with them, such Michael Myers fear allows us to confront what we cannot control

Hallowen Ends will premiere on October 14, 2022 **, trying to approach Michael Myers much Michael Myers possible at the witch night. If you want to update the saga before the finale, we remind you that we recently reviewed the order in which to see all Michael Myers movies.