Birth of the strongest person? A fierce man who clears ELDEN RING without raising the level -Daxo was also no good.

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This article includes videos that include spoilers of Elden Ring. Please be careful when browsing.

In the latest work of From Software, Elden Ring , a player who has achieved a difficult task of clearing with no damage without raising the level.


Ainrun, a streamer, carried out an extremely difficult run in about 1 hour and 16 minutes. He is joyful when he defeats Las Boss’s Erde’s Beast.

It is not the first time he challenged this run, but many players skip the boss Kimonoki no Kiko. He seems to have decided to play it firmly to break this boss to break the intended sequence of the developer. According to the content he talked to Kotaku, the noble child of grafts is the most difficult in this run, but the fact that other players skip it seemed to make his passion further. is.

He also said that he was a hardcore player because he has been doing no damage no-level up in the Dark Souls series and Shadows Die TWICE since around 2020.