League of legends

LOL: Belveths inexplicable interaction that skip the most basic rules of the game

League of Legends has a problem with the new champions. Leaving aside any matter related to its balance or the controversies of its skills, Riot Games’s greatest creativity with the characters has given rise to some very difficult interactions to explain. The heroes who now reach the invoker crack are more complex and have unique more interesting mechanics. However, there are times when the game simply is not prepared to act correctly in all the scenarios that can take place in a game.

An interaction that skip all the rules of the game

One of the most obvious demonstrations of this situation was the one experienced by a player who wanted to share the situation with the community. In the play in question, we see how a Renata Glasc uses the definitive of her (hostile acquisition) of her in front of Bel’veth to give time to her rivals to end her. The problem is that the emptatrix of the vacuum begins to use the e of it (real maelstrom) of it and the result changes inexplicably. Nothing should have happened since there were no allies or rivals near her, but instead she hits Renata herself constantly even if she is far from the effect area.

Even the members of the community specialized in determining why the game fails could not reach a conclusion. The only possible reading is that Riot Games was wrong by encoding the ability , since he had to program a special interaction for the spell to hit his allies. In this sense, it is an error that would only take place in one of each many games, but whose result can be fatal for one of the teams. It is not as reproachable as others that reproduce much more common, but of course it does not help the integrity of League of Legends.

Riot Games is facing a small crisis with the programming failures of the video game. The developer has found that more and more of these problems are reproduced in competitive items and even Faker has drawn the company’s attention for the situation. In this way, we can expect League of Legends to receive a long list of error correction throughout the coming weeks.