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All Hornetaur materials and cut percentages in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Hornetaur are small monsters found in Sunbreak Master Rank quests in Monster Hunter Rise. They can only be found in jungles and strongholds and have a quest attached to them for easier farming. Their materials can be used to craft a wide variety of weapons and armor, such as the Hornetaur and Dead Stench sets. These are all Hornetaur materials, cut percentages, and usage in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

What are all Hornetaur materials and cut percentages?

Players can find Hornetaur in both Jungle and Citadel maps in Master rank quests and expeditions. These are small monsters that can have flashes during expeditions, and both Hermitaurs and Vespoids can usually be found near them. Hornetaur materials can be obtained as a reward for completing quests. Get out!, Meusenariev and cutting out the Hornetaur. These are all the materials the Honetaur can possess:

  • Cortex of Hornetaurus-40%
  • Razorwing Hornetaur-32%
  • Gornetaur Head-10%
  • Monster Essence-18%

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What are Hornetaur materials used for?

Each material that the Hornetaur drops can be used to craft various weapon and armor pieces, including Hornet and Hornet Cannon+.

All Hornetaur Cortex uses

  • Stink of Death X Armor Set
    • Brain of Deadly Smell X-x1
    • Guts of death stench X-x1
  • Hornetaur Armor Set
    • Hornetaur Helmet-x1
    • Hornetaur Mail-x2
    • Bracers of Hornetaur-x1
    • Bracers of Hornetaur-x1
    • Hornetaur Greaves-x2
  • decorations
    • Hard Dragon Jewel 4-x2

All Hornetaur Razorwing uses

  • Light bow
    • Hornet Cannon-x5
  • Stink of Death X Armor Set
    • Deadly Smell Muscle X-x1
    • Deadly stench in hell X-x1
  • Hornetaur Armor Set
    • Hornetaur Helmet-x1
    • Hornetaur Mail-x1
    • Bracers of Hornetaur-x1
    • Hornetaur Tassets-x2
    • Hornetaur Greaves-x2

All uses of Hornetaur Head

  • Light bow
    • Hornet Cannon-x2
    • Hornet Cannon+-x1
  • Hornetaur Armor Set
    • Hornetaur Helmet-x1


All uses of Monster Essence

  • Great Sword
    • Blade of Talos+-x2
  • Heavy Bow
    • Elite Bow+-x5
    • Araknabum+-x3
    • Candlestick Bordeaux+-x3
    • Injector gun-x2
  • Insect Glaive
    • Fearless Bayonet-x4
    • Sturdy Glaive Redux+-x3
    • Hortadent Brada+-x3
    • Riel Tre Red-x4
  • Light bow
    • Jaeger Prime II-x2
  • Hornetaur Armor Set
    • Hornetaur Helmet-x1
    • Bracers of Hornetaur-x1

  • Vespoid Armor
    • Vespoid helmet-x1
    • Vespoid Bracers-x1
  • Volvidon X Armor Set
    • Volvidon Bracers X-x2
  • Aelukant’s Armor Set X
    • Elycanth Elytra X-x2
  • Skald Armor Set X
    • Skalda Vertex X-x1
    • Skald Krura X-x1
  • Astalos Armor Set
    • Astalos Helm-x3
  • Bnahabra Armor Set X
    • Bnahabra Suit X-x2
    • Bnahabra Coil X-x2
  • Rakna-Kadaki Armor Set X
    • Rakna’s Mail X-x1
    • Rakna’s Bracers X-x2
  • Ropessa Armor Set X
    • Ropessa Elytra X-x2
  • Flame-Kadaki Armor Set
    • Fiery Kadaka’s Mail-x1
    • Blazing Kadaka Bracers x1
  • Mosgarl Armor Set X
    • Mosgarl Creeper X-x2
  • Melachoa Armor Set X
    • Melachoa Roots X-x2

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