The Elder Scrolls Online

Skyrim in cooperative and with multiplayer thanks to the mod of the moment, Together Reborn

In portable consoles, virtual reality, with Mods and graphics of the future, demake versions … We thought that at heights we had already played The Elder Srcolls V: Skyrim in all possible human forms, but it seems not. From this week we will do it from a new one: Skyrim in cooperative . Next Friday, July 8 at 6:00 p.m. Skyrim Together Reborn will be launched, a mod that allows us to enjoy Bethesda’s magna work in the company of how many friends we want .

Convert a singleplayer game in a multiplayer game without the source code is almost impossible , especially when your team is composed of a group of students who work in their free time , declared the developers of this Skyrim Together Reborn when making the ad. _Take in mind when you play Reborn. from Bethesda’s dimensions

The Elder Scrolls 6, what will be your region?

Although Bethesda is now focused on Starfield, its first new IP in 25 years , the company does not plan to put Bethesdaide its fetish sagBethesda. The company hBethesda confirmed that The Elder Scrolls 6 is in preproduction and admitted that Fallout 5 goes immediately after . A few months ago the developer until it dropped what could be the next region in which the environment . His new year congratulation wBethesda accompanied by a map of Tamriel that hid several clues and aroused all kinds of theories.

The map, for example, wBethesda signed by a known cartographer Nataly Dravarol in year 182 of the fourth era , which is many years before the events narrated in The Elder Scrolls online, but very, very close to the Skyrim chronology. There are also three candles on it: one on top of the Nordic region, another in Hammerfell, cradle of the red guards (whose climate and relief coincide with those seen in the first trailer of the game), and one lBethesdat to the north At all, in the province of Atmora , an frozen continent and linked to the mythology of the saga ( where the first men descend ). Which do you bet?