Announced the Dark Fantasy Competition fighting game Umbral Core. Game play video has been released, and professional players are also paying attention

On July 4, the Umbral Core development team announced the fighting game Umbral Core . The compatible platform is PC/PS4/PS5, which will be distributed in 2024.

Umbral Core is a 2.5D style fighting game with a dark fantasy world view. It is under development to enjoy a wide range of skill-level players while emphasizing competition play. Due to deep battle systems, character mechanics, advanced combo systems, etc., it is a content that can be used for advanced fighting games. In addition, by preparing an auto combo system and an easy operation function, the players who want to enjoy casually will accept them.

This work adopts a 4-button system: weak, middle, strong, and unique. It seems that you can give a special move by combining this with a cross key command. At this time, Byron has been released, which is an all-round character. He has a weapon with his left arm and sword possessed by the devil, and has special techniques such as so-called wave fist-like Soul Blast, and Tempest, an anti-dragon fist.

The unique button described above seems to be different depending on the character. In the case of byron, inputting in a specific situation will be charged up to three levels. After that, if you launch a special technique NIGHTFALL, which performs continuous slashing with a sword, it will be activated as a stronger technique by consuming power.

On the official website of this work, you can check the silhouette of five characters besides BYRON. There seems to be a female character with a scythe drawn on the key art, and a character that seems to be a power type and seems to be strong. Information will be released in the future.

The other characteristics of this work include a frame rate without the upper limit. According to the explanation of the developer, it will realize a smoother drawing by rendering the game logic as well as the general 60fps fighting game. In addition, a roll-backed net code is used in response to online matches. It seems that the customization elements such as animation in the environment synchronized with the BGM and the character stance are also characterized.

  • Famous players in fighting games, such as YouTuber’s Maximilian and professional players Justin Wong, are also interested in this work.


The development team of this work seems to be consisting of game designers, Simone Demontis, and is composed of talents from all over the world. It seems that there is no studio name at this time. The project was launched in July 2020, and then developed while expanding the staff, and is now in the alpha version. It seems that one character (BYRON) is finished to a state where it can be played, and online competition has begun. And in November this year, Kickstarter is planning to raise development funds. If the campaign is successful, it will be completed over two years.

Umbral Core is under development for PC/PS4/PS5.