Gartner forecast for 9.5% of finished PC shipments this year

The company’s finished PC shipments are expected to decrease by nearly 10% year-on-year. Market research firm Gartner announced on the 4th.

According to Gartner, finished PC shipments are expected to be 310 million units, down 9.5%(32 million units) from the previous year. Gartner said, This year’s PC market will be the steepest decline compared to other devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Analyst Randic Art Wal Gartner, senior director, said, The demand for general consumers and corporate demand for global devices has decreased due to the impact of ‘perfect storm’, including geopolitical upgrading, high inflation, exchange rate fluctuations and supply chain. It will have a big impact.

This year’s shipments in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and African) PC markets are expected to decrease 14% from the world.

Gartner said, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, price hikes, and product supply due to China’s blockade have a significant impact on consumer demand in the region.